I was talking to my sister Anna on the phone yesterday and she asked me what the kids and I do all day. (maybe McKenna was screaming in the background as we were talking and I'm sure Anna was thinking, holy cow, what do you do to keep sane?!) Well Anna, lots of fun stuff! You know, like going to the grocery store, target, play dates...we live the dream life around here. Just yesterday we made homemade GAK. How cool of a sister do I sound like?! Come visit us anytime Aunt Anna! Ella and McKenna will show you how to keep busy everyday:)
I have made GAK with Ella before and she loved it. This time she wanted it to be purple.
Something wasn't right with our first batch of GAK. It was runny and wouldn't stick together.
So we tossed the purple GAK out and started over.
This time she wanted pink. And you might notice we added another helper this time around. McKenna watched happily as she ate her baby mums mums.
The second round turned out much better!
You can find the GAK recipe here.


The Savage's said...

Yay, I found your blog! You are such a fun momma!

jojo said...

I cant wait to make Gak! Looks like fun!!

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