How freakin amazing are the good girl jars??? Are you kidding me al?? she is amazing.  So creative and so thoughtful.  Love it.  We made our own/copied her and my kids LOVE it!  It is already making the biggest difference in my parenting.  
thanks again, al, for changing my life.
Here are some fun DIY that I did not think of or make up or help in any way.  I am just passing it along.  Good thing Al has been taking the reigns of all of this.  She is clearly the talent behind this operation.
We have had tons of fun lately and being doing tons of stuff, but I don't know why we have not ever had our camera on us.  and are posts without pictures really posts at all?  I know.  Definitely not.
Love this leathering stuff. 
smore's kit.
Homemade no sew bag!
LOVE twig and thistle and so sad she is signing off for now.  Also love her last DIY blanket.
I don't know how to make this but its gorgeous.
Hope you guys had a good monday and are having a good tuesday so far!!

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