Summer Essentials with Kate

Hey guys,  yall are gonna love today.  Today's Summer Essentials are from my friend Kate from Kate McCoy Photography.  She is an amazing photographer, amazing friend and over all, shes pretty amazing.  She is so loyal, always there for you and really, she is always there to make you laugh.  She is always cracking me up.  We met at A&M and have stayed close friends ever since.  She is the friend that you can always catch right up with even if you havent talked in a while.  If you guys live in the austin area (anywhere, really! She travels!) and need a photographer-she is absolutely your girl.  Her pics are amazing and she is so laid back and fun that your session will feel like a hang out sesh with a few pics thrown in.  She is about to get married and she got engaged and is getting married in basically 4 months. She is planning everything herself and figuring it all out in such short time, and everything is just perfect.  (I mean, check out her tree of love). I make her send over pics of her dress, decor, etc.  I also pinned her invites.  Amazing.  Ok, without further ado...

Hi Lullaby Lubbock!! Wow, so I kinda feel like I've officially MADE it in the blogging world now that I've had the ultimate honor of being a guest blogger on Lullaby Lubbock! I met Kristen at A&M and have great memories of Sonic drink dates and watching her eat lots of candy :) She is a great encourager, friend, and mom to the cutest little kids. I can still remember coming over to her house in College Station the day they brought home Aves in their first little house..how time has flown by!
So, let me introduce myself. I'm Kate and I live in and absolutely LOVE Austin. I work during the week at a locally famous cookie delivery company. But my ultimate career goal is to do photography full time so that's what I do all the rest of the time! And most recently, I got engaged and am getting married in 38 days!!! So, this is me and my man and our dog, Kash. Well, Kash lives with Jo but I definitely claim him as my own ;) And soon enough I'll live with them too!! And hopefully a Dyson vacuum.. ;)

This summer has looked a lot different than I thought it would. My apartment looks like a craft fair and I suddenly have wedding magazines adorning my coffee table. But, wedding or not there are some things that will always be essentials for me each summer.
I don't wear a lot of jewelry...mainly just my Aggie ring and now a beautiful rock on my left hand. But, lately I've been obsessed with finding some good long necklaces that are versatile and I found these super cute ones at J Crew! I have the one on the right in coral and it goes with so much but is still really casual! You'd be surprised what it can do for a white v neck and jeans.

Well, you may be thinking I'm a refined shopper since I found jewelry at J Crew. Oh no, I still shop at Forever 21. Go ahead judge me...I am 30. But there's just something about sifting through the racks with 15 year olds to find a good deal. Forever 21 can be way overwhelming and it's not for the faint of heart...but it's soo cheap. About 90% of the stuff you'll gasp and gawk over and I often find myself staring at something very perplexed because I can't even figure out what it is or how it would go on a body. But the other 10% is the "normal" stuff that is just cheap versions of stuff you could honestly find at Gap or Urban Outfitters...really. And if after the 4th wash it starts fraying and the fading you don't even feel that bad because it was only $10. I got the first dress below, paired it with a $5 belt (from 21) and it was super cute. My advice though: don't go on a weekend and don't fret over the "21" because there is ALWAYS someone in there older than you. :)

I am an eater. So much so that my fiance recently told me I eat like a man. I wasn't even offended...I love food. And Mexican food takes the cake. And creamy jalapeno from Chuy's or Hula Hut is so delicious I could honestly drink it. I'm not saying I have...but I'm also not saying I haven't. I found this great knockoff recipe and just looking at it makes my mouth water.

Everyone needs a good pair of walking around shoes. These are Nike's Free Run
line and they are the best shoes ever. I guess they are technically running shoes but
I wear them to work and I do not run at work!
They are super lightweight and come in so many fun colors!

Live Music. Austin is famous for it. Did you know Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World? Yep, just a tidbit for you. Well, one of the best traditions that has come about is the Kristen and Kate reunion at ACL(Austin City Limits Music Fest) each year. We always manage to find each other among the thousands of other people there and have a great time people watching, eating, oh, and checking out the bands together. Some of my recent faves that will be at ACL this year are Head and the Heart and Aloe Blacc. Check these guys out - they are both awesome and perfect for summer road trips! But I'm not going to lie..as much as I like to be current with the new, hip music...I am by far the most excited to see Stevie Wonder on Saturday night. It's been on my ACL wish list for years!!!!

Lastly, some wedding things...after all, it has consumed my summer.

I got this idea from a mix of different things I had seen (probably on pinterest). It will serve as a seating chart for my rehearsal dinner and the glass on the frame can be written on with a
dry erase marker! Then, if you have last minute changes you just wipe and erase and don't
have to worry about reprinting cards or anything. Obviously, I won't be the one
writing the names because my handwriting is not pretty but I just wanted to give you an idea. You could also make it into a calendar for home office organization.
So easy to make too...just get a frame, a piece of fabric you like and ribbon
if you want to make sections. Voila!

This is a collection of various wedding decorations made of items that can later be used in the home for everyday use...lanterns, galvanized buckets, and mason jars! I love all these things!! They're all pretty cheap and you can make them as fancy or as casual as you want.

That's all I got. Hope you enjoyed a little taste of Austin and hectic wedding planning!

Thanks Kate!! Don't yall just love her??? Great ideas, creativity and some hilarity all rolled into one tiny asian.  Love it.  Love you Kate!! And cant wait to see you twice in Sept this year!! WOO HOO!!!


Unknown said...

Girls, I just came across your lovely blog and wanted to say hello! I'm an Aggie too. :)

Becky said...

Love all the essential posts that you've been hosting! I've been looking for new music and just downloaded Head and the Heart! Can't wait to try the creamy jalapeno recipe, too. Love your blog!

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