Avery's last day of Kindergarten

Thank y'all SO much for your sweet comments on my ultra wordy and overly sentimental post yesterday. I was just feeling so thankful and overwhelmed with the twins and wanted to write it all out.  Thank y'all for being so encouraging and kind.  
Now, to the one that changed my life in the first place-
Avery's last day of Kindergarten is over! 
I literally can not fathom the fact that I have a first grader in my house now.
She had a little ice cream party to celebrate the end of the year and we brought the twins up there and celebrated.  Her teacher was amazing this year and she really has completely changed.  She is much more confident with others, has learned more than I ever imagined would be possible and made tons of new friends.
She can read complete books and write in complete sentences (they aren't always spelled correctly...).  It is just so much fun.
The first day she had a few more teeth-
and a few less skills.
SO thankful for all she has learned this year.
We made a little list of the things we want to do in the summer-
Here's to a fun summer!!
(and praying SO MUCH for ella's tonsils today!)


Celeste said...

I especially love #9. I wonder if she'll see Peter while she's there?

jennifer said...

1st grade!!! yay aves!! we love you and are so proud!

and your kids want to go to nyc... dream come true!

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