Valentines of past

We love valentines over here.  
For some reason this is usually a holiday that I get on board with way in advance.  I think its the puns.  I know.  So lame.  But who doesn't love trying to make up a pun about a random dollar isle toy?  I know.  Me too.
So, as I try and make up a pun for the eraser rings that I just found at target, I thought I would put up some our past valentines ideas.
( I love this one so much)
We had a Picture Perfect Valentine free printable with little mini cameras I got from oriental trading company.
picture perfect valentines
and a few fast paced Valentine free printables made from erasers I got at target.
eraser valentines
and "You make my heart Leap" Valentine free printables with more target dollar isle frogs.
frog valentines
We did a "You're the write one for me" free printable using pencils.
pencil valentines
We had a goldfish printable that would be cute with goldfish crackers or swedish fish too.
fish valentines
The year before we did an "Im stuck on you" and "You make my heart spring!" valentine printables with sticky hands and slinkys I got, you guessed it, from the target dollar isle.
stuck on you2
Picnik collage
My favorite ones (and I am using them again this year and may update that printable) were the dinosaur ones-
and I did those with bouncy ball printables too.
valentine bouncy balls5
You can get those here.
Al did the heartbreaker valentines from MADE and I always love those.  They are so so cute.
We have also done some 3D paper valentines, too.
And on the actual day, Allison and her crew had a daddy/daughter dance.
(This is seriously the sweetest thing ever.)
and love notes.
every year.
We made tins for each other and filled them with little notes about what we love about each other and then read them to each other at dinner.
We made a Valentine Wreath.
(I miss that old green door so much.  Sigh.)
And allison decorated with melted crayon hearts.
SO, I don't know exactly how Im going to do ours this year, but its so fun looking back and seeing what all we have done in the past.  And it makes it so easy to recycle those ideas again :)
Happy Valentining to all of you.  Hopefully you guys can use some of these! (or just use the ideas and make them even cuter.)

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B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

Wow, so many fantastic ideas! I particularly enjoy the transportation-themed printables, and love how the toys can be used long after Valentine's Day. Very cute!

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