Happy One Month Shea

Due to my inability to choose, here are two options of our month to month growth pics.  I just dont know which one I like better.
one month
Shea, we just could not love you more than we do.  You are truly such a blessing to us and I could go on and on and gush about you, but I will try and hold it together.  You even sleep for 6 hr stretches most nights- none of the other kids ever did that.  Clearly you are the favorite.
Avery can not stop picking you up. Ben and Sass are just as obsessed, but Avery cant help herself- she has to hold you.  And as soon as everyone comes home from school, it is just a mad rush to see you.  You get so many kisses its probably against the law.  We all just do whatever we can to get you to open your eyes and look our way.  You just make us happier than we can ever say.  (except when you dont go to sleep until 1 or 3...but obviously you like to party.  we understand.  we'll cut you some slack)
Happy one month baby girl.

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