Two weeks into this four kids thing. And a first Bath

So, we are two weeks into this.
And so far, so good.
I would venture to say we are obsessed with her 23 hours out of the day, and that one extra feeding that really is not that extra, may be a little harder to get out of bed, but once I do, I am pretty in.
This girl just melts me.
 And my other kids are just as obsessed as me, so that makes me feel more normal about this whole thing.  I just cant get over how you can just stare at a baby all day and never get tired of it.  Or love something SO MUCH that really doesn't do anything except open their eyes for about an hour a day.  Or feel like you have known someone for your whole life that just got here a few days ago.  I don't know.  But it is magical.
And I know that she isn't smiling, per se.  But she is definitely smizing.  I can see it every time I look in her eyes.  She knows whats going on, I just know it, and she probably wants to make those lips curl up on the sides, she just cant yet.  So she lets us know with her eyes.
And her ability to put on the pounds, just like the rest of us.  She just wants to blend in.  She now has gone above and beyond her birth weight and is 7 pounds.  That is like a pound a week.  I love it.
I know that in a few weeks there will prob be colic and more crying and I will be telling y'all how tired I am, but for now, we just have the basic snuggling, the occasional crying that is met with immediate food (obviously.  I mean, a pound a week) and a few wake ups a night.
oh, and she had her first sink bath and she was skeptical at first, but she came around to it pretty fast.
She looks a little stressed, but I think those are really jazz hands showing her excitement to be clean.
Telling me with her overly expressionate eyebrows alll about it.
Happy two and a half weeks baby Shea.  

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