Anna's Bachelorette Party

The wedding countdown is on! Anna and Tyler get married in less than a month! Woo-hoo!

I am so honored to be Anna's Matron of Honor. One of my main duties was planning the Bachelorette Party. I was very excited but also very nervous about this. Anna and I are 10 years apart so that means that I am the old one of the bridesmaid group. I am pushing 10+ years on these girls so I had to plan a little differently from my style of a party. The Bachelorette party was this last weekend and it was a blast! So much fun!
My mom got us some hotel rooms in Fort Worth for the night. When I went to check in and she gave me the room keys I got so excited when I saw what the suite number was for Anna and I's room. 143! (minus the 0) Just like our matching tattoos! I love when that kind of stuff happens.

The night started with the lingerie shower. I decorated the hotel room with the wedding colors, which are basically colors of a peacock feather. (my sister is so cool) It was all  9 bridesmaids, 2 close friends, my mom and Tyler's mom at the shower.
This amazing cake is from Legacy Cakes in Grapevine TX. Ella was with me when I opened the box to see the cake and her response was pretty funny. She gasped and said, "Mom! That is not appropriate."  Haha! You are so right Ella.
I love this picture of Anna and Tyler. It was the first picture they ever took together and they are both wearing the colors of their wedding. It's like they totally knew.
We started with a few games. I had asked every girl to buy a pair of panties that represented their style but was in Anna's size. I had them all hanging and Anna had to match each pair to the correct person. I actually thought this game was going to be fairly easy, but it was not. It was pretty funny to see who all Anna thought brought each pair. 
 I had some yummy jello treats that Anna would take if she made an incorrect match and if she matched correctly, that person got a jello. The cute peacock stickers were from oriental trading company.
I also had some questions that I had asked Tyler ahead of time and Anna had to match his answers. She got a treat from a goodie bag for each match. After Anna opened all her gifts the bridesmaids took a quiz to see who knew the bride the best. I got the free printable from here. 

I had seen on Anna's pinterest board that she liked this photo where every bridesmaid held a chalkboard and wrote how they met the Bride. It was such a cute idea so I made some small wooden chalkboards so we could all do it. 
I had the girls write on the backside of the board one word that described Anna to them. I told Anna not to turn around and look so she hasn't seen that pic yet. It turned out so cute.

We then ordered up some room service for dinner and then got ready for the night. I had ordered a bunch of buttons from this shop on Etsy. I didn't really have a huge purpose for them, I just thought they were so cute. Each girl picked a few to wear.

Our first stop was Pete's Piano bar. I had made reservations ahead of time so we could have a table to sit at. The only bummer about that was in order to have the table, you had to show up by 8pm. It wasn't really hopping by 8:00 but I had a few tricks up my sleeve. I had made this way cheesy card game and it was the perfect entertainment before Pete got going on his piano. I did Truth, Dare or Insta-Dare. The Truth cards were questions that had to be answered from Anna's point of view. The dares were sometimes silly and sometimes a little more crazy. Insta-Dare meant that you had to instagram a picture including the hashtags. It was so fun! Here are some blog appropriate ones we did.
PicMonkey Collage
We are a few bridesmaids short in this pic and the bicycle cop maybe wasn't the best picture taker. We all planned to wear black since it is Anna's favorite color. (too bad that old mom in the pic didn't wear a solid black top and threw the whole vibe off)
PicMonkey1 CollagePicMonkey 2CollagePicMonkey3 Collage
I don't think anyone even picked a Truth card, I guess those are for party poopers. The one insta-dare that I was sad never got picked was this one. I just love a human pyramid pic.
We danced the night away and had some hilarious moments that we will never forget. It really was such a fun night and I didn't even feel out of place. Anna's friends welcomed me like I was 10 years younger and not the mom of the group. I just loved it! 
We stayed up till 4am just laughing and stuffing our faces with popcorn, cake and candy. We really did Party All Night. 


Misty said...

love this! everything about it! You are so much fun :)

jojo said...

Love love love this!! What a great night you created for your little sister!!

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

What a fun party! I especially love the Truth, Dare, and Insta-Dare game...I'll be planning a bachelorette party this summer so thanks for the inspiration!

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