Bob's Year of 37 January Envelope

This envelope was centered around McKenna since it was her birthday month.
I gave Bob 37 dollars to take her out on a date. Turns out it was only 27 dollars though. I had forgotten that I had to borrow ten bucks for something and I never replaced it. Oops. It didn't stop their fun though. They ate dinner at Cracker Barrel and then went to play some games at Spare Time. She had a blast and felt so special being with just Dad.
The two notes were from his Gran and Papa for this month and Bob was to reflect on his date with McKenna and qualities he hopes she finds in a man some day. I think it's so neat that Bob will have this written down in his journal and years and years (and more years) from now when McKenna actually does start dating, Bob can read to her what he wants her to look for in someone.

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