Hittin the slopes family style

We went skiing this weekend.  Yup, all of us.  I took an almost four week old baby up in the altitude like only a mom of four would do.  Luckily she did great.  And so did everyone else.  But, as you can see from every pic- it definitely took a village.  We could not have done one aspect of this trip without the helping hands of every single family member.  (thank you thank you thank you)
Due to my moms injuries earlier this year, she did not ski.  And she loves to ski, so I kept trying to push her out the door, but if you know my mom, you know she won that battle.  She ended up keeping shea the whole time and it was really just so great to be able to ski so much.  The big kids went to ski school and were weary at first, but then said they had a great time when we picked them up.
And if my mom ever needed to do something else, there was always someone willing to hold Shea.  It was just so amazing.
The next day we all skied as a family.
It was insane.
It was one run down and then one more and it felt like 1000.
It literally took every single person helping a kid or another adult the entire time.
My legs have never burned so bad.
Avery was awesome.  She was never pictured because she was always so fast.  And sassy was too.  She would fall and get back up.  She needed some assistance but sometimes went by herself.  And both girls just loved it.  My son, on the other hand, was cold and tired and loved having someone to help him out in any way possible.  He did love it though.  Never not smiling that kid.
Then there was hot tubbing, snow man building, game playing and lots and lots of eating.
Here's to many more runs with all skis on the ground and a lot less piggy back rides in 2014.

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