Valentine's Day recap

I wish I could do it all over again! It was one of those days that was so wonderful, I wish it wasn't over. The girls are at such a fun age and really get excited about stuff like this. It makes me giddy to have some sidekicks that also speak my love language. 
We started the morning off with some pink heart shaped pancakes,
then headed to school in our matching homemade heart shirts.
As the girls were at school, I turned our living room into a Valentines dance room! 
Since we just so happen to have our very own dance floor, (the one my awesome hubby built for McKenna's party) I thought a Valentine's Dance was a must. 
I printed off an invite and the girls were so excited to give it to Bob.
The love notes we did last year were a hit so we did it again this year. I made it more of a fill in the blank on one card this time.
How sweet is this picture of McKenna praying?! Her voice is even sweeter. She mumbles quiet little sayings and then in a very bold strong voice says AMEN! Melts my heart every time.
During dinner Bob and I read them all out loud. Ella's face is priceless. She loved hearing them.
After dinner we opened presents. Bob got the girls the "as seen on tv" light up heart pillows. They are a huge hit!
Then the dance party began!
Ella was so proud that she knew to put one hand on my shoulder and hold the other. She told me that Avery taught her how to dance.
Nice no show socks Bob:)
Girl on Fire is always a favorite with both girls and they sing it at the top of their lungs.
Ella and Bob danced to Sweet Thing by Van Morrison.
McKenna and Bob danced to Angel by Jack Johnson.
Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones is Bob and I's song. Ella took some pics of us as we danced to it.
We ended the night with the most delicious chocolate strawberry pie.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


The Rodriguez Crew said...

Your girls will have THE best memories of their childhood! And a mama who worked so hard to make them happen!! You're amazing!

jojo said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Such a great way to say I love you! You are an amazing mom and wife!!

Misty said...

you are such a JOY! (and so are those 2 sweethearts!) I always read the posts and think, "Oh THIS is my favorite!" BUT THIS IS MY FAVORITE! I just love how every single holiday is full of fun memories for your whole family. You can see the love on their little faces. McKenna praying has GOT TO BE the sweetest thing.

Rakhi P said...

I make the same face that the girls do when I sing that song. I feel reassured now that I know Im in good company!

The Savage's said...

I love it all! I had never heard that song by Jack Johnson, I think it's my new favorite song! And it's the perfect song for Bob and McKenna :)

Nina said...

Wild Horses is in my top 5 favorite songs ever, I knew I loved you and Bob :)

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