Happy Valentine's Day!

We have been non stop over here with valentines stuff. (We started off with heart shaped bacon)
To be honest, I really didnt have high hopes about valentines day. I mean, I thought it would be fun to do the actual valentines, and I like it and all, but Jeff and I dont do much and I just didnt feel that into it.  I was ready for the usual meltdowns after the candy high and not wanting to function after it all wore off, but since I kept the sugar going pretty much all day, it never got too bad.  (My parenting skills are out of this world, I know.)  And it ended up being one of my favorite holidays this year! (I mean, it has been really the only one besides MLK day, but still, top two til at least fourth of july.)
First Isla sent us these fantastic badges that we all wear and ben sleeps in.  Then we hung up some garland from aves' heart party to get a little festive.  Then on wednesday we had Ben and Sassy's school parties and they were just so cute.  They made love potions, passed out candy, sang Jesus loves me, made flowers;  it was just adorable. Then we all got to go to Avery's on thursday and that was just as fun.  They made homemade cotton candy and sno cones! And crafts! (Oh my!)
I didnt know if my kids would be valentinesed out after school, but they were so great and just on it.  Aves is just so fun to make stuff with and she gets so into it right along with me.  I just love it.
We labeled these tins that I got at michael's for a dollar with everyone's names on them and then filled out little notes about what we love about each other (My favorite thing to do with you is _____, etc)
And they loved it.  We read them after dinner and avery made us go around and read all of ours twice.  And she is my child who doesnt care too much for words.  She doesnt like attention of any kind (unless she is performing on a stage) and does not like words of affirmation much.  But this she just loved.  She would read what each person wrote and then go hug them after each one.  And when we read ours and got to ones she had written, she would hug us after we read it.  Just melted my heart.  and my tear ducts. SO much fun.
Then she spent the whole entire night texting everyone she loves (grandparents, uncles and aunts) and was just beside herself. She texted them all happy valentines day and when they texted her back she would run over and show me.  Or wait with baited breath for them to respond.  It was so sweet.  I am so thankful for an amazing family who texted back nonstop and just made her night.  Love you guys.
Jeff and I ended the night with recorded revenge and community. I'd say it was a hit. 


Britt Fisk said...

I LOVE this!! You are just the best Mom ever. I can just picture the scene with Avery - precious!

Misty said...

what precious kids you have! My little Masyn is getting to the age where she loves crafting and cooking right along with me. It's like I have a 4 year old best friend. :)

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