Happy Golden Birthday Aves!

Since Avery turned 7 on the 7th, it was her golden birthday.
And, as you can see, we pretty much went with "all gold everything".
It was a blast.
I made the marquee 7 and never took pics of it lit out with the stuff on the table...
marquee 7 copy
(but it did work.  cue pic from before the party with nothing on it.)
lights on
The food was so so fun.
smores and oreos
We had golden oreos, golden raisins, golden graham smores, gold fish, golden delicious apples, a gold star cake and cinnamon rolls (no gold there, just the bday girls request).
oreos copy
(the cake was obviously ghetto and homemade by yours truly.  It was not pretty.  But it was good.)
We had golden bubbles (apple juice for the kids and beer for the adults) to drink.
golden bubbles
star banner
For the rest of the party I really wanted to have the "Golden Games" and make up games and fun stuff for the kids to do that they would really be interested in.  I really racked my brain and did manage to think of a few things, but they were so very basic and I was afraid, not very fun.  I was so nervous that once the party started the kids would be so bored after about five minutes, but they really were not! I was so excited! Everyone played with all the games for the entire party and late after it was over.
front of house 2
I got glitter paper and cut out 'golden games' and then hung it up between two pot hangers that I got at wal mart.  It was not tall enough for adults to walk under, but kids could.
golden games3
Once inside the Golden Games, kids could play with golden hoolahoops,
which was a hit with all ages.
al and kenna hoolahooping
They could Dig for Gold.
I got lots of gold coins and gold coins filled with chocolate and buried them in some sand in a rubbermaid.  It was a hit.
dig for gold2
girls digging
They also did a little Fishing for Gold (fish)
fishing for gold
fish copy
(or other dollar isle fish...whatever.)
They could Shoot for Gold (I dont know.  I told you, these games were a stretch).
Sassy and I made this game where we cut out shapes made of gold, glued them on cups and glued the cups to a cork board.  The object- throw balls into the cups.  Intense.
Kenna was very active with the games- a true team player, that girl.
We also had a Make a Golden Crowns station where had crowns that I had cut out that everyone could decorate with stickers and glue and jewels.  oh and a stamp that ended up on more faces than crowns, I think.
make a crown 2
girls making crowns
ella making crowns
Once everyone finished the games (or whenever they wanted, lets be honest) they could grab a medal for their feat and a treasure box for the buried treasure they found (all from oriental trading co).  And a "you're golden" bag to put it all in.
golden table 2
Avery was too shy to sing happy birthday to, so we all just sang and blew out the candles as a group while avery hung back.
blowing out candles copy
It was so much fun.
jeff and bob
me al and kenna
I also had a hanging garland of pictures of the last seven years.  The golden years.  Sigh.
golden years
(and for some reason I could not get them not to be blurry.  Lots of negatives in that sentence.)
golden years4
We spent the rest of the time playing, hanging out, talking and making sure kids didnt get sand in the car on the way home.
residency friends
I seriously have the most gorgeous friends and family of anyone in the world.  Not even close to fair.  I am surrounded.
my friends
halberts minus mom
barstad fam copy
Ben also did a quick ride on a bike without training wheels for the first time at the party.  I guess the gold in his pocket put a little pep in his step.
Happy Golden Birthday Avery. I love you more than I can ever tell you!! And even though you look so serious in these pics, I know it is because of how seriously you took having so much fun at your birthday.  I think thats a fantastic quality.
Here's to many many more.
(Here were the invites, and you can find all kinds of prep over here.)


Misty said...

Kristen! This party is so fun!! I LOVE it :) fun food, fun games & fun friends! what more could a girl ask for?! Happy Golden Birthday to your sweet girl!

Kate said...

you make birthday party dreams come true. absolutely darling!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

I just can't get over how spectacular this all is. i love how you always think things are ghetto, but they really do look AWESOME. It's all made with so much love, and my favorite lesson in how you do things is that you really make those kids a PART of the whole process! It will make the memories all the sweeter!

Unknown said...

What an awesome party. Love it!

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