Bubbles and the best burger ever!

Bubbles is one of those things I go on phases with. I do the same thing with play-doh and puzzles. Cleaning up sticky bubbles, dried out pieces of play-doh and searching everywhere for that dang puzzle piece. I get so tired of it that I refuse to buy or make more of all the above. Well, I'm back on the bubble phase and loving it. 
I saw a pin on pinterest that said "industrial strength, un-popable."  It sounded too good to be true. And it was. Definitely not un-popable, not even close actually. But, it was better than the store bought kind. The bubbles did seem to be stronger which made bubble blowing much easier for McKenna. She usually blows too hard that the bubble pops before it is even formed. 
The recipe is 
6 cups of water, 
1 cup corn syrup,
 2 cups regular strength Joy dish soap. 
We started with bubble wands but then wanted the bubbles to be bigger. I goggled how to make a big bubble wand and after two attempts with string and straws, I gave up. 
I was searching through the house for something that might work and grabbed a mason jar lid to test out. 
It ended up being the perfect bubble wand. 
Just when I thought my love for mason jars couldn't get any bigger.
Now onto the best burger ever. For real. 
I made these for the super bowl and they are now a family favorite. The recipe is of course from Our Best Bites. 


Misty said...

great pics of the girls blowing bubbles :) LOVE the one of Kenna in the 4th one down-too cool. Y'all have green grass! Oh we can't wait to be able to go outside & play in tshirts. We're expecting SNOW Tuesday!

jojo said...

Can't wait to try that burger looks great.

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