Tears & Cheers!

We had a little going away party for a sweet friend during bible study this last week. They are moving to San Antonio and we will miss them so much! Her little girl is kind of Ella's soul sister. They were born on the same day, in the same hospital just minutes apart. We did not know each other at the time and it was such a crazy thing to realize when we first met. How crazy it that?! She is also the little girl that was under the table with Ella as they both cut their own hair. They have so many special bonds.
We threw her a little Tears & Cheers going away party. I made the banner out of card stock with my silhouette. I sewed together some tear drops and made my first tissue paper tassels. I feel like I could become addicted to them now.
We had cards on each table for everyone to fill out. Also made on the silhouette.
We always have one person bring a snack during bible study but we decided to step it up a notch for this party. We pulled up her Pinterst board and everyone cooked something from her food board. The title of her food board is Straight-up YUM.  It was so fun to try all kinds of recipes that I would normally never think of making.
Of all the delicious food the one thing I think I would make was the White Pizza Dip. It was really good and I think the only dish that was completely finished. Suni made the drinks and the strawberry drink was so good. I want to try the original recipe sometime. The original recipe calls for champagne but since we were throwing a bible study party at church, she substituted Ginger Ale. 
Lots of tears, cheers and yummy treats were shared with sweet friends and we will all miss Kirsten and her sweet family so much!

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The Savage's said...

I love that you blogged this party! It was so fun with all of your ideas!

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