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I hope everyone had a great weekend!
We had a pretty relaxing weekend at home. McKenna got a little 24 hour tummy bug so we did a lot of laying around on Friday night. She snuggled in her sleeping bag and watched Yo Gabba Gabba over and over while Ella laid on Dignan watching iCarly on my ipod.
McKenna was feeling much better on Saturday and thought she was so big time coloring with Ella. She was cracking me up! I love seeing them play together, such sweet sisters.
When McKenna went down for a nap, Ella and I decided to make a Valentine craft that I saw on pinterest. We took a few crayons and sharpened them to get some shavings. We then took a piece of wax paper and folded it in half. 
Then you unfold it and sprinkle the crayon shavings on one side. 
Put a piece of kraft paper on top and iron it. 
The crayons melted very quickly!
It didn't take a lot of shavings to fill up the paper once melted.
Once cooled off I cut the wax paper into heart shapes, poked a small hole through the top and hung them with a string from the window.
They look so pretty when the sun shines through them.
Once the kids went to bed, Bob and I played Rummikub! I grew up watching my Granny and Aunts play this game and it quickly became one of my favorites. Bob does not love it as much as I do so when he agreed to play Rummikub instead of watching The King's Speech that he had been saving on the DVR, I was so excited!
I kicked his butt guys! I mean, not by just a little either. I was 5 for 5! I'm still bragging about it around here:)
Wait till you guys hear about Kristen's weekend! 

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jojo said...

Sweet sisters, sweet dog and a very sweet husband. I hope little McKenna feels better soon!!

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