rainy day fun

I'm not really a play dough girl. I don't really have a reason behind it, it was always just one of those things I never bought for the house. We make GAK all the time and it is ten times messier then play dough so I don't know why I have never made it before. Both of Ella's grandparents always have a fresh stock at their house and she loves playing with it there. 
Well I don't know what made me do it (maybe I'm just being a little braver if you will!) but we made our very own play dough yesterday. It has been raining here so we stayed in our pj's and made homemade play dough all day. Ella loved it! I followed this recipe.
First we made a blue batch, then purple, and we couldn't stop until we had some pink play dough too.
Then I thought it might be fun to make sparkly play dough, so we added some glitter. You can't see the fun shimmer it had in the pictures but I will probably leave out this step next time. It is still shedding glitter:)
Ella had fun with cookie cutters
and then the mixing started. Pretty soon we will have a nice big tub of sparkly brown play dough.
Speaking of colors being mixed…Ella gave me a makeover tonight.
It started with just some 80's inspired eye shadow
and then she took it to a whole new level.
Aunt Anna would be proud:)
I'm just going to pretend like Ella's makeup technique accentuates the bags under my eyes and I don't really look that old and worn out!

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Karla said...

This is a great activity for kids!! Looks like you girls had loads of fun ;)

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