eraser stamps
We did eraser stamps the other night and it was so much fun!
sass and eraser
sass and eraser2
I am pretty sure I saw these techniques on pinterest but of course I can't remember now.
(Found it! Saw them here!)
I just bought regular erasers (the cheapest ones they had) and just used an exacto knife to cut whatever shapes we wanted.
(Jeff did the amazing monogram.  He is the artistic and smart one. and athletic.  I hope my kids get most of his genes.)
string stamps
I also bought little blocks and wrapped them in string and used them as stamps.  It was so fun making all kinds of shapes and I want to use them on fabric and make more of them.  They were so fast and fun.
Ben and Avery also enjoyed a little painting.
ben and avery painting
ben and aves painting
What?  How do I keep my house so clean without junk scattered everywhere and every kind of animal creeping in every picture???
I know.  Not everyone can have their houses this spotless and clutter free. With books in the background. And snakes on the table.  And paint and old milk on the floor...
oh well.  Maybe in my next life I will be clean...

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Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

Girl... my house is always a mess!! I am so not stressed about it. I figure one day it will be spotless...and then I'll be sad they're not home and wishing it were messy:)
can't wait to try the stamps! Have you ever made potato stamps? Same technique as the erasers!

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