So, this calm picture of my house was pretty much nothing like it was this weekend.
Super fun, with tons of activity and food everywhere!
 Except, y'all, Saturday afternoon I had an anxiety attack.
And it was crazy.
My chest felt tight and my heart felt like it was racing and I just couldn't shake it.  I didnt have anything that I was anxious about in my head (although, at any moment, I can usually make up a few things to be anxious about...) but my body felt like I was anxious.  So weird.
My Dr. prescribed a beer to help me relax.
It did help me relax, eventually. 
We couldn't figure out what was going on and we came to a completely unresolved conclusion that it may be the fact that I have so much less diet coke in my system and now I am having withdrawals???
That is terrible.  Ohmygosh.  I really was that addicted to something that my body is throwing its own fit of anxiety when it doesn't have it???! Even without my brain involved?? Insane.  I hope that wasn't it.  I hope I was just so anxious because my kids were asleep and my husband was home and I didnt have anything pressing to do.  I was anxious because I was so free.
I guess that is not much better.
Well, at least its over.
And, other than that, we had the best weekend.
We went to the park and the kids played in the woods with Jeff while I ran.
They climbed trees and got wet.
Loving their lives.
Then we went to Brooke and Wills and partied hard.
Then, I came home and let jeff continue to party and got to talk my college roommate for a much needed catch up time.
And the girls got to have their first sister sleep over.
On sunday, my amazing in laws surprised us by coming down and we made ribs (that were just amazing jeff!) and rolls and cobbler.  And brooke and will came over again! 
It was such a nice day.  
Thank y'all so much for coming Jan and Bob! We love y'all!
I hope everyone had a great, anxiety free, weekend!


ms.composure said...

def LOVING the first pic you posted!!
hope you start to feel better soon!!


Kate said...

when did aves get a haircut?? adorable!!! she's looking so grown up!!!

fromhousetohome said...

We had so much fun!!! Those kids just melt our hearts!!! There is NOTHING better than grandbabies!! Thanks for the awesome meal too!! 6 grand hours! We loved it!!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Uh oh, it might just be the diet coke!! Yikes!! Same thing happened to my friend who was hooked (and quit bc she couldn't remember anything!!!). Love your posts so much! Glad that's over!!

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