Planted pumpkins and an adventure in trying to get pictures of my new scarf

When my in laws were here they planted our pumpkins from halloween.
(I know.  I still had them around. I am the laziest person in the world)
Aren't they so pretty???
I have been trying to get my girls to let me braid their hair for their entire lives.  I even sport my own braids all the time, in hopes that they will want to copy me.  
Not so much.
Until today, Sassy let me do one braid for an entire hour.
It was amazing.
Then I tried to document this black cowl that I saw on Jennifer and my cousin Heather (I think theirs were actually different but thats neither here nor there).  They were black or charcoal and were twisted when they were connected.  Maybe Jcrew?
I did it in garter stitch and then twisted it when I sewed it together. 
Super easy.  All you do is knit every row (no purling) and then connect it.
I used just black chunky yarn from wal mart and casted on about 25 stitches.
I bound off and then twisted to sew it together but I think you can bind off the edges to connect them too.
Then I tried to take a picture of it on me. I wanted to really let you guys see the scarf so I tried camera and phone and camera in my face or not and then tried to not look like a total idiot by smiling or like I am super depressed by not....
Picnik collage
Luckily ben stole the show.
So I just instagramed it.  I look better when I can blur out my wrinkles anyway.
Now ben has cut off the head of his dinosaur and 1000 tiny balls are going everywhere.  So much for a nap...
Happy Tuesday!


Jessica Jeffrey said...

seriously kristen!
true talent. loooove that black scarf!
cute kids, cute mom!

jennifer said...

the scarf looks fantastic!! just like the jcrew version but cuter! and loving the lipstick (and ben)!

Unknown said...

Love the scarf!

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

Ok girl. You're seriously so gorgeous!
Are you going to sell this kind of scarf?? I'm in love with it! And also, what color of lipstick do you have on?

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