Bunk Beds

So, Jeff wanted to get the kids bunk beds.  We researched it a little and knew that we wanted to do something pretty cheap since we didn't know how long the twins would be sharing a room and when the girls would move in together and all of that.  We decided to get some from ikea and we just jumped in the car on Sunday to make it happen.  We are never on the ball, but maybe a wild hair came over us :)
We drove to dallas, grabbed my father in law, drove to ikea, dropped father in law back off, and drove home quickly, in hopes that we could put it together on Sunday night.
Unfortunately we were not that on the ball, and we couldn't get them up before the kids needed to go to bed.
 So, monday morning I called Julie and made her come over and help me put them together so it would be like a "while you were out" for Jeff while he was at work.  
julie putting together bunkbeds
Luckily she is the best friend ever and was so great about giving up her free day to help us put them together. 
Earlier in the day I had tried to take the beds apart, and didn't realize how to get the drill to effectively go backward and take the screws out...so I just quit.
I am a genius. (and that is a hard word to spell).
Luckily she is smart and a direction reader so I had to fully rely on her to tell me how to do everything.
(This is a huge pattern in my relationships.  I am not the instruction manual reader nor am I the smart one.  Luckily God seems to bring me smart people who also know how to focus on details and then I cling to them)
ben,sass and katelyn
And the kids had a lot of fun helping us :)
katelyn and sassy
sassy and lil
ben climbing
sweet lily being the cutest and sweetest trooper.
Then it was time to test them out :)
Picnik collage
snoring included.
bunking around
We moved some toys over and the kids needed to test those out too.
kids on bunks
kids on bunks2
And I hung up some shelves but there is not a good after pic with all the junk out of the way.
So, this will be post 1 of bunk beds and I will put the after up after I throw everything in the closet and pretend that its actually clean over here.  At least for a second.
And there is a trundle!!
Avery has been sleeping with the twins for the last two nights and they are loving it!  I wish I could get all of her c-r-a-p out of her room and just have all the kids in one room...
a dream is a wish your heart makes.
Maybe it will come true by the time we move and have to start all over again rearranging everything!
Thank you Julie, Katelyn and Lily for all your help!! We could not have done it without y'all!!


BrookeD said...

GREAT pictures!!! Those kiddos are the cutest!!! :)

Unknown said...

This brings back memories! I used to sleep on the trundle of my brothers' bunk beds! I never slept in my own room. :)

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