It's been one of those weeks where you have to stop and think really hard about what day it even is. 
I'll start with Monday.
Monday actually started off really great.
 When Bob and I lived in Abilene we met our dear friends Lee and Stephanie. We met them right after they had their first baby, Sofia. Sofia Reese stole my heart. She was my best buddy for the few years we lived in Abilene and I couldn't get enough of her. She is the sweetest little girl with the biggest heart and I just love this family so much! Ella's middle name Reese, is after Sofia Reese. Anyways, the point of all this is to say that Monday started off so great because I got to see Lee, Stephanie, Sofia, and her adorable little brothers Maddox and Liam. They all moved to Peru a couple years ago for mission work so it has been forever since I had seen them. I hadn't even met their youngest Liam, who is already 2! They had been visiting lots of family in Texas these last couple of weeks and were getting ready to fly back to Peru. The night before their flight they were staying with Lee's family which happen to be just a couple of hours from me! So the girls and I made a little day trip and got to see them for a few hours on Monday and it was just wonderful! 
Then Monday night it all went down hill. McKenna was up most of the night and nothing seemed to make her happy. Tuesday morning her fever was 103 so I made an appointment with the doctor. My appointment was at 4:00 that day. Around 1:00 that afternoon I went to get McKenna up from her nap. Her lips looked like they had a slight hint of blue to them. She was breathing fine and seemed to be happy so I kept thinking my eyes were messing with me. After about an hour and googling blue lips on babycenter I called the doctor to see if I could bring her in early for our appointment. She told me to take her to the ER. This is about the time I went into full panic mode. I was trying to stay calm as I loaded the kids up as fast as I could. Of course this happened on the day Bob was taking Step 3 (a medical licensing exam) and his phone was turned off. By the time we arrived to the ER and got into a room McKenna's lips had gone back to normal. (isn't that always the case? the second you get to the dr, their fever is gone and you feel like the crazy mom who was making stuff up) I wish I had taken a picture of them. They checked her oxygen levels and everything seemed to be good. He said she had a ton of mucus so it could have been a mucus plug blocking the lung but it was hard to tell since they weren't blue anymore. She was still running a fever so he gave her some medicine for that and sent us on our way. 
Tuesday night after I put the girls to bed I began googling more about blue lips. I don't know how many times Bob has told me not to google medical conditions but I just can't help it. So after checking on McKenna every 10 minutes I decided it was time for me to get to bed. It was about midnight and as I was turning out the kitchen lights, my elbow knocked over a brand new jar of teriyaki sauce that I had just bought. It shattered into a million tiny pieces all over the kitchen floor! It took me over an hour to clean it up and the house still smells like teriyaki! I finally crawled into bed at 1:45am. At 2:45am Ella started throwing up and didn't stop until 6am. Poor kid was worn out, I felt so bad for her. Luckily McKenna slept till 9 that morning so I got 3 hours of sleep then. (man, I should have titled this post "Debbie Downer") 
Wednesday was definitely going to be a lay around on the couch day so I decided to take the girls to the movie store so we could rent some movies. Ella was giddy in the movie store. She loved it! We had 6 movies ready to check out. Legally Blonde, Aladdin, Aquamarine, The Muppet movie, The Justin Bieber movie, and Sherk 2. I go up to the counter and tell her I am new so I don't have a card yet. She hands me a form to fill out and I return it to her with my drivers license and credit card. She looks at my license and tells me it is expired so she can not issue me a video rental card. I wanted to beg but I couldn't even respond because the tears were already coming and I didn't want to be that crazy girl who was sobbing because she couldn't rent the justin bieber movie! I turned to Ella and with a cracked voice told her we can't rent the movies so we have to go. Ella handled it much better than I did.
Thursday morning we woke up and went straight to the DPS to renew my license. I stuffed my purse full of treats and was prepared for the worst. It ended up going so fast (like 15 minutes) and the kids did great. One thing that I was NOT prepared for was when the lady said, "now stand behind that black line for your picture." WHAT?! You are going to take my picture today?! Can't you just keep the old one?! You know, the one I took after my honeymoon when I was so tan and had fixed hair! I'm just here for a new license so I can go rent some dvd's, I don't need a new picture! There was no going around it, so with my dirty hair that was pulled back in some kind of bun with fly aways galore, I looked into the camera and smiled. It will be a look to remember and lucky for me one I'll never forget since it will be on my license for the next 5 years! 
I then took my temporary paper license and went straight to the video store to get our movies. Everyone is doing so much better today and fever free! Well, unless you count the Bieber fever that Ella has. Bahahaha! 

Good thing everyone is getting well because we have a fun filled weekend! I am  running  walking in my first 5K this Saturday with some very sweet friends from Lubbock! Brittany, Cooper and Amy are staying with us all weekend and we are driving to Austin on Saturday for the Color Run. I can't wait! Everyone wears a white shirt and at each kilometer of the run, people on the side lines throw a different colored powdered paint on you. By the time the run is over you are covered in all kinds of colored paint! How cool is that?!?! It is a family event too so Brittany and I are pushing the kids in our strollers. Not exactly sure how the whole paint being thrown at you and kiddos thing is gonna work out but we are excited! 
I'll be back with lots of fun and colorful pictures!


Lifethrualinds said...

Al! That sounds like a totally rough week. It all seems to come at once doesn't it!? I am glad McKenna feels better. And I loved all your movie choices. I, personally, am dying to see the Justin beiber movie. You are the sweetest mom and such a non-complainer. I hope you get lots of sleep in the next couple days. Can't wait to hear about the color run!

Cassie said...

Glad the week is looking up :) My sister just sent me a link to the Color Run the other day, wanting our family to do it...how FUN!!! Can't wait to hear your stories from it!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

the teryaki sauce would've pushed me to tears, b/c that is the kind of thing that happens to me ALL the time!! what a week!! I just saw the color run on pinterest and sent it to my austin friends. SO FUN!!! Have a great time!! (and YES to the symptoms always magically disappearing the minute you get to the doc! what is up with that?!). :)

Morgan Bender said...

Amelia did the blue lip thing too, alot and sometimes her pulse/ox was a little lower. We had every test ran and in the end the cardiologist said the blue lip thing was normal amongst young babies, that the veins were still maturing and so sometimes it caused the flow of blood to be irregular. The only reason we ended up running so many tests was because she had passed some blood clots coincidently at the same time. The two were unrelated. Call me if you want to talk about it more

I can so relate to your week. I hope the weekend is better. The color run is so fun! Can't wait to see pics

Nina said...

Poor girls! Glad you made it through, times like these I wish we all lived closer so I could come save you, or at least rent some dang movies for you :)

jojo said...

Sweet daughter of mine I am so proud of how you handle two sweet girls!! I see all you do with such grace, when things get tough you still handle it with grace even through the tears. I love you so much and you inspire us all!!

Lena said...

Oh poor thing, I can't even imagine how I would have handled that situation. Glad everything is over and now you can get some sleep!

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