Happy 6th Birthday Aves!

I know every parent says this but, how did it go so fast???? How are you 6 years old munch pot?? Oh how I miss the days when you fit in my arm and I could take you everywhere, but I am just loving being able to talk to you about everything.  You are truly such a joy to be around and I am beyond thankful to be your mom!
avery breakfast
(her "cheese!" face looks a little like a sneeze face...)
(or "what smells in here???")
avery and sassy
(she wanted a hello kitty shirt to go with her hello kitty plates she was taking to school for her cupcakes so I threw one together with my silhouette! It was so easy and fun! not my best shirt ever, but it fit the bill)
Late last night we set up the house with the help of our super cute neighbors allie and felipe (couldn't have done it without y'all!).  I thought it was gonna take forever, but with help and a 40% off coupon from hobby lobby + a helium tank made it so much faster!
buuuuttttt, as soon as they woke up, they tore everything down!
So, these are the pics with the balloons that are left over.
We set up the kitchen area a little just to give it a birthday touch.
and made a little crepe paper run through for her to start her day off with.
(she didn't love it! she didn't love everyone singing to her! I think she got embarrassed about the whole birthday thing!  sweet aves...you are so sweet.)
Then my amazing mom came and met us at avery's school for lunch and then my in laws came in town and a few friends helped us devour a chick fil a tray (dinner request from the birthday girl).
It was a fantastic day.  Thank you everyone for helping us celebrate my 6 year old child! ahhhhhh! how did this happen so fast!
We love you avery kathryn, and your crooked smile, SO MUCH!


Alexis said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

ALL the decorations were so cute and it cracks me up that she didn't "love it". Your kiddos are just too precious!

julia b said...

Sweet angel girl! Love these pictures. It all looks so fun!Happy birthday to your Avery, her precious smile made me smile!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

She is so pretty! We did the run-thru too and my son freaked out! hated it! ha! he was embarrassed too! Too funny. You made everything look adorable, as always.

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