the color run!

It was insane but SO much fun! It poured rain the night before so the color run actually turned into more of a mud run.
The day before the run, I decided to splatter paint Ella and McKenna's white shirts. I figured they wouldn't get much color on them since they would be in the stroller. It was already dark out so I couldn't really see what I was doing. It reminded me of the time Kristen, Lindsay and I did this in my parents backyard and ended up splatter painting their fence too.
 I hung their shirts from a tree, dipped a paint brush into some acrylic paint and splattered away. 
Here we are getting ready to drive to Austin. It was 6:30am so Ella wasn't really feeling it, but how cute are Cooper and McKenna in their love trance?!  He must have been loving her 80's look.
Here is our before pic. We were freezing but so excited! 
There was 1500 people so they let big groups start 5 minutes apart from each other. They had loud music playing so we danced with Ella as we waited for our turn. 
Picnik collage
Bob was such a trooper to come along and be our photographer on the side lines. (or so he thought)
Picnik collage
The first color that was thrown on us was green. Brittany and I didn't really get much on us because we had the strollers but Amy took Ella up close to get splattered and she loved it!
Once we got onto the trail it became muddy. VERY muddy. 
We were cracking up! It was such a mess that all we could do was laugh. There was a couple times when people would tell us it only got worse and we wouldn't make it through with our strollers. We decided to think positive and keep going, plus turning around and going back through the mobs of people wasn't really an option. So we pushed on as our wheels became solid mud. Amy had to help me push the whole time and we even had random people pick our strollers up and carry them a little ways. Talk about teamwork!
After about an hour we reached a big hill where people without strollers were having trouble going up because of the mud. It was crazy! Some were barefoot because their shoes kept getting stuck in the mud, people were getting lost in the woods trying to find a short cut, and others were just abandoning their strollers and carrying their kids up the hill. I called Bob to tell him we were kinda in a pickle. 
Bob made his way through the muddy trail and came to our rescue! Brittany then had the genius idea of throwing our strollers over the barbed wire fence. 
We pulled up a map to make sure we knew how to get back to our strollers,
and with kids (which were perfect the whole time!) in hand, we went back the way we had started. By this time, everyone had past us and we had the muddy trail to ourselves. We couldn't stop laughing at the whole situation and the icing on the cake was when Bob slipped in the mud!
In a very round about way we finally made it to the finish line! We missed out on all the color but it was still the best day! I wouldn't have changed a thing about it!
Our friends Jordan and Staci finished with a more colorful look
We loaded up with hopes that nobody stole our strollers.
They were still there! Bob did a couple of runs to knock the mud chucks off before we put them in our cars. What a stud!
We spent the rest of the night just laughing about the day and getting makeovers by Ella.
Thank you Brittany, Cooper and Amy for such a wonderful weekend full of memories we will never forget! I love you guys so much!


Misty said...

oh i love it! HOW FUN!!

BrookeD said...

Awesome story!! I love it!!! :)

shae said...

I give you major props for being such a chill, go-with-the-flow mom!!! I'm afraid I would have lost it. Maybe next year will be less mud and more color :)

Unknown said...

That looks like so much fun! I wanted to do the Dallas Color Run but couldn't this year...maybe next year!

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