Sleep Sac

My college roommate Lindsay is one of my dearest friends and I am just so thankful to have gotten to meet her in college and we have stayed close ever since.  She is an incredible example of faith, peace and joy to me, and I am so thankful to be able to be encouraged by her in so many ways.
She is pregnant with a sweet baby boy, so soon and I am so excited and cant wait to see how gorgeous he is going to be!  She had a shower that I was unable to go to so I sent her a little present in the mail that I knitted using this pattern off of lion brand and making it longer.  
It is a jacket pattern and I altered it by making it 18 in long and sewing it together in the front instead of doing button holes.
It is a super easy pattern and was so easy to  make it my own!  You guys gotta try it! I hope that it fits though, Linds.
 I really have no idea if 18 in is long enough or if the sleeves will be, but fingers are crossed over here.  I am always making things for like newborns that fit 5 year olds, so hopefully this will not be the case this time...

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Misty said...

I want to buy one of these for a friend who is having a baby girl! please put them in your etsy shop! how precious!

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