Hotel Party!!

This past weekend we went to a hotel to celebrate avery's 6 birthday.  She had been talking about how much fun she had at the hotel that we stayed in in Lubbock on our way to colorado this summer, so I suggested that we do that for her birthday and she was so excited!  We took our neighbor with us and everyone did so good and had so much fun!
Since I wasn't going to be doing any real decorating and party planning, I decided that it would be fun to make tote bags and toiletry bags for everyone to take with them.
I found these plastic bottles at hobby lobby and filled them with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion.
shampoo bottles
Sassy was a big helper.
sassy helping
shampoo bottles2
I made a little logo with an A on it and just kept calling the hotel "Hotel Avery".
body wash2
(and its crooked.  I am so good at details...)
shampoo bottles 5
shampoo bottles7
Then, I put them in the toiletry bag with everyone's name on them from pottery barn kids.
inside averys toiletry bag
inside sassys toiletrybag3
overhead toiletry bag4
toiletry bag
toiletry bag2
avery toiletry bag closed
ben toiletry bag closed
When I started all of this, I really wanted to have a picture of a hotel to put on a shirt and use as the logo. I saw some pictures of a little french hotel a while back and showed jeff the picture and he looked at it for like a minute and just drew the most amazing hotel!! It was so amazing!  He did it so fast on the computer and I am just so amazed that he has like every gift that is out there-brains, creativity and the ability to nap on command.  Jeff.  Kills me.  I just love love love it.
So I got so excited and put it on everything!
(Well, it took four screens and countless hours to get it actually on to a screen.  I learned a valuable lesson to not be so stubborn and dumb and just try a new way and it finally worked.  I knew that I was stubborn, but it really came to light this week :)
Starting with shirts.
ben hotel shirt
Ben's was blue.
avery hotel shirt2
The girls were pink.
hotel shirts
Then, we made pillowcases and please ignore the wrinkles.  I am so terrible with an iron...
and threw it all in the tote bags with a swim suit, some pajamas and an itinerary.
tote bags
(used the hotel again)
inside tote bag
(and again)
(Ben's was white and blue.)
ben tote bag
inside bens tote bag
In the itinerary (which was so dumb of me because none of them can even read! I should have done it all in pictures). I put everything we were going to do for the weekend and a little map in the back of where we were going.
itinerary pg1
itinerary pg2
itinerary pg3
map page
It was hilarious because we did end up at chick fil a before and mcdonalds after :)  Picture of health and I knew it before we even went...
They opened them before we left (so they could get their map of course)
opening toiletry bag2
reading maps
opening maps
sassy opening tote bag
and shirt up for the drive!
group pic
(that is ben's new cheese face. watch for it. it is like he got his cheek stuck to his shoulder and can't get it off)
group pic2
ben and sassy
Then we jumped in the car and hit the road.
Maps in hand.
some were more excited than others...
Once we got there we checked out the room and then jumped into our swimmies.
hotel room pic
The harrisons, my parents, blair, my brother and my in laws came up and met us for cake and dinner.
The cake was from the same place that allison got the bee cake and it was just gorgeous and so delicious.
the cake!
Sassy and Kinley had so much fun clowning around at dinner and it was so cute.
Picnik collage
and of course Ty was the cutest and most perfect baby ever.
And then we woke up the next morning and headed back (stopped at mcdonalds on the way home) and was home right on time.
It was such a fun weekend at the hotel!
Whew.  Are y'all exhausted from all of the same pictures of the same thing??? Ugh.  I'm sorry guys.
Thank you everyone who came, sent presents, celebrated; Jeff for drawing the logo, and parents for being all over it when the plans had to change.
Happy birthday Avery!! Love you so much!


jennifer said...

kris you are a genius and so creative! everything is so precious and so special for aves. love it!!
and ben's smile... priceless!

Unknown said...

Literally laughed out loud at Ben's new smile. That cracks me up.

Ya'll are the coolest moms EVER! I love all the details you put into this.

Lisa said...

Love this!! Happy birthday Avery!!! :)

jjcuneo said...

This may be a silly question, but how did you place the hotel image on everything? Screenprint?

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