Busy Bee!

We celebrated our little Busy Bee McKenna Leigh this last weekend and it was so much fun! The weather was absolutely bee-autiful which made for a perfect party day! Get ready for lots of pictures that aren't even really in focus. My camera was set on the wrong setting half the time! Bummer.
Well I guess I will start off with the matching shirts. (are you surprised?) I put some white shirts in with the black and white striped fabric when I was dying it yellow and then I used my silhouette and some freezer paper to make the shirts.
On the back everyone had a different bee name. McKenna was the Birthday Bee, Ella was the Big Sister Bee, Bob was the Worker Bee and I was the Bee Keeper.
I cut out bee tracks using black poster board and taped them down to the floor with clear packing tape. I started the bee trail outside on the sidewalk and they led into the house.
Who wouldn't want to follow this adorable busy bee around all day?!
When you walked in the door the bee tracks led you to a busy bee with an arrow to the area with lots of hands on crafts for those who wanted to keep busy. I got all the bee crafts from oriental trading company.
You could make a bee-autiful edible necklace with honey-comb and cheerios,
scratch designs in the black-out bees (everyone's favorite), create a bee hive mobile, use your thumbprints to make stripes on a bee,
Picnik collage
or just create with colors and bee stickers.
Then if you followed the tracks you would find the hungry bee.
I basically did the same treats I did for Ella's dance party. The popcorn was from Candy Corn's in Dallas, the fantastic cake was made by Megan from Legacy Cakes Bakery  (it was delicious!) and my mom and I stayed up late the night before making 150 mini apples.
I made labels for the water bottles and apple juice.
And for those adults who were afraid of bees…
The third set of tracks took you to the lazy bee. I had the Bee Movie playing for anyone that just wanted to sit back and be lazy.
I made a bee hive by wrapping 20 yards of burlap around Ella's teepee. It turned out so cute and the kids loved playing in it.
When we realized how beautiful the weather was going to be my dad ordered a very last minute (night before the party) bounce house and the bouncing bee was very popular!
Picnik collage
I poured some honey into a mason jar and had everyone guess how many calories.
the answer was 2,580 and Jen was the closest guess without going over. Way to go Jen! She won the huge jar of honey with some honey tea and burts beeswax hand cream and lip balm.
The birthday bee enjoyed some birthday cake but maybe wasn't too sure what to think about the candle.
Everyone left with a little party bag that had a few treats inside.
I ordered the bee balls and tattoos from oriental trading company.
The black and white striped bags and yellow twine are from shop sweet lulu, and the personalized bee stickers that closed each bag came from zazzle.
I ordered these honey sticks from amazon. Who knows what you use honey sticks for (maybe tea) but they were just so cute, I couldn't pass them up.
It was such a wonderful party and we are SO thankful for all the family and friends that were here to
celebrate with us. I wish I had more pictures of everyone that came!
Picnik collage
 Thank you everyone who helped make McKenna's 1st Bee-day so special!


lins said...

i am blown away by this party! allison... when do you sleep??? and i never would have imagined so much could be done with a bee theme!! bah! so cute! fun mom of the year award goes to you (it's only january, but i'm calling it..). happy birthday to miss mckenna!! love y'all :)

Alexis said...

Amazing party!!! Your creativity is inspiring. Maybe one day I will graduate to that kind of party planning ; ) Happy birthday to your sweet girl.

hannah said...

Super cute!!! You could totally be a party planner! Love it.

Nina said...

It looks amazing Al! Putting everyone else to shame once again...I especially love the picture of Bob on the bounce house slide holding McKenna w/Ben hanging on! Happy BEE day sweet McKenna!!

jennifer said...

seriously precious!!! i'm hiring you and kristen for isla's first bday! you girls really know how to throw a party... it's impressive!

shae said...

it was an amazing party allison....down to every last detail!! mckenna is getting cuter and cuter...and of course, smithy loves him some ella. great job, we had a blast!

Katie Norwood said...

Hello! I stalk your blog from afar, and I love seeing all of your creative ideas. This is THE CUTEST PARTY for a child that I have EVER SEEN in my ENTIRE LIFE. I just kept scrolling and scrolling and my jaw kept dropping farther and farther. I don't have a child yet, but I am pinning this for copying someday. I just can't believe all the details - amazing!

BrookeD said...

AMAZING job Allison!! I am so impressed at your party planning (and party throwing) skills! :)

I-R said...

I just ADORED everything about McKenna's party, particularly the gradual reveal of every activity and display through the use of the tracks - ingenious! And the t-shirts (as always) and hive were to-die-for! And as for the food: stunning! Congratulations to you and all involved. What wonderful memories for your gorgeous girl on her first birthday. :-)

Unknown said...

Alison, I LOVE everything about this. Way to go. You covered every single detail- LOVELOVELOVE. :)

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