Fun Facts to Know and Tell at Parties

So, for our first trick- harvest corn pops into popcorn!
Isnt that so exciting!?
I got it at a pumpkin patch and the lady who sold it to me told me to get the little ones (because they work best) and just wet the dry husk a little, put it in the microwave and watch it go.  It was the funnest thing.  Sassy and I could not get over it.  (we like cheap thrills, obvi)
Our second trick did not go quite as planned.
I got martha stewart glow in the dark paint and it did not work.  
I dont know if we applied enough of it, but when I went running in the dark the next morning I couldnt see even a hint of glow.
I dont know if they were made to paint pumpkins, that could be the problem, but I may try a few more coats and get back to yall.
And, this isnt exactly a trick, but when my in laws were here they took the cutest pics of the kids dressing up and playing around the yard.  I dont know what they were doing but I want to imagine cops and robbers and lots of crazy hideouts.
So, if you have any hints on the glow in the dark paint- send them my way! I want that to work so bad! And go buy some harvest corn and let the popcorn fly.  Yall have a great weekend.


Nat said...

I have this paint and it glows brighter the longer that it is out in the sunlight to "charge" {I havent tried it on pumpkins though} also more coats gives a brighter glow and one other thing that might help is using her Glow-In-The-Dark finish if you haven't tried these things already! :D hope it works!

Misty said...

i'm not sure which paint you used, but we have used glow in the dark paint before & had to let it sit outside in the sun.... then it will glow :)cant wait to try the popcorn trick!

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