Our Party Pants have been ON

We have just been partying.
September is full of birthdays (happy birthday al!!!!!!! Is that heat press machine to die for, or what??!!) and we partied for as many as we possibly could.  My mom and youngest brothers is on the 13th, which is now Lily's birthday too.  Ty is on the 14th (and we had a ball!), my middle brother is the 21st and Al is the 23rd.  (So many others are squeezed in there, but that was all we had time for this year.)
First was Ty's on friday night and it was amazing.  Lindsay is just so amazing at details and everything she does is absolutely perfect.  It was the perfect party for Ty and you could see how much fun he had every second.  Ty was just perfect, like always, and the kids could not have had more fun playing together.
After "the ball" the kids calmed down with a little late night reading.
The next morning we woke up and drove to temple to hang out with Julie and get ready for lily's party on sunday.
Poor Julie got so sick so we took the kids out for dinner and to play at the park.
(at dinner brooke and I looked exactly like the lesbian couple who could not keep their kids in check.  They were running everywhere and everyone was giving us the one eye about keeping our kids under control.  Little did they know we thought that was under control...)
We ended up finding a splash park so they kids ran around and got soppin wet in their clothes.
Pretty perfect sat night.
Like the machine that Julie is, she pushed through and had the cutest party ever.
This girl was just cute as a button!!
I wish I had pics of everything because it was just the cutest party and Julie made every. single. thing.
Luckily there were some really skilled hulla hoopers and face painters there.
Of course I dont have any pics of Julie, brooke and I, or ashley and her sweet kids, but being there with everyone just made me feel like it was my party.  I love having all my friends be friends with each other and getting to see them all at the same time.  I love that the kids are all friends SO MUCH.  It really is just so fantastic that they all live in the same place!
This weekend I got to celebrate my brother's and mom's bdays.
I used this tutorial and made them all mugs (that I heard will prob wash off, but its the thought that counts, right...)
I stuffed them with homemade cheesy shirts and gift cards.
I dont have very many pics of the actual weekend, but it was amazing (I'll post pics after I get them from everyone).
I probably should give my party pants a rest after all of that...

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BrookeD said...

So Fun!!!! All of it!!!!!!!!! :)

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