Ella and McKenna's first day of school!

Both girls had a wonderful first day and I couldn't be happier! 
I knew Ella was going to do great but I was a little nervous about McKenna. She had a very tight grip on my arm as I dropped her off but she never shed a tear! And she napped on her nap mat! I still can't believe it! That girl barely sits still on the couch, I can't believe she laid on her mat long enough to actually fall asleep. I wish so bad I could be a fly on the wall. She makes me laugh just thinking about what she is like in the classroom. 
We started prepping for the first day of school last night. While Bob gave them a bath, I set up a mini nail, hair and ice cream sandwich snack salon. They enjoyed their treat while getting a blow dry and then picked out their polish color. 
This kind of stuff is Ella's dream and she immediately went into a high pitched voice and kept calling  me Fancy. Ella picked red for her nails and McKenna went with purple.
Between two sets of nap mats, school supplies, back packs, lunches and teacher treats, I didn't really have an extra hand to take their picture going into school. This was my one and only attempt.
For the teacher treats I totally copied my friend Suni's idea. I made an apple dip that was so good! It was carmel, cream cheese and heath chips. Delicious! (click here for recipe.) 
I tried again with the picture after I picked them up and had more hands. 
Happy first day of school my sweet sweet girls! 


the tichenor family said...

you are such an amazing mom. seriously, you inspire me in such a big way! thank you for sharing the sweet and special things you do for ella and mckenna. what blessed little girls they are to have such amazing parents!

i would have died and gone to heaven to have that nail salon (and ice cream sandwich-- gotta have a snack) when I was a little girl!! oh what fun!! they are too cute for words.

jojo said...

There is nothing more special than getting ready for first day of school. Sweet memories you are making!!

Nina said...

We totally have to take Ella to the Dry Bar, they do a "Shirley Temple" blowout for kids :)

The Savage's said...

Love everything about this post! And isn't that apple dip just delicious? We ate tons of it.

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