Baby shower games

There are two soon to be mommies in our small group at church, so this last Sunday we threw them a little baby shower. I was put in charge of the games. I went straight to pinterest and searched baby shower games.
One soon to be mommy is having a boy and the other is having a girl. I divided our small group up with each of the mommies to be on separate teams. So there was a baby girl team and a baby boy team. I had prizes for each game but only for the expecting mom, so each team was winning for the parents to be. I made the score board out of white foam board and used my silhouette to cut out the girl/boy figures and baby bottles for points.

Name That Baby Tune was the first game that we played and it was so fun! I put together a playlist of all songs with the word Baby somewhere in the title of the song. I started with team boy and played 20 seconds of the song. They had to give me the title and could earn an extra point for the artist too. If they didn't' know, it would pass to team girl. It was pretty funny to see who knew which songs the fastest. 
My song list:
Hit Me Baby One More Time -Britney Spears
Baby -Justin Bieber
Baby, I Love Your Way -Peter Frampton
Always Be My Baby -Mariah Carey
Ice Ice Baby -Vanilla Ice
Baby Love -The Supremes
Baby, Baby -Amy Grant
Baby Mine -Alison Krauss
Baby Got Back -Sir Mix A Lot
Baby Boy -Beyonce
Baby, It's Cold Outside -Jessica Simpson
Baby's Gotten Good at Goodbye -George Strait
Sweet Sweet Baby -Michelle Featherstone
Don't Worry Baby -The Beach Boys
The girls won with the steal of Sweet Sweet Baby. 
Only one person knew that song. It's one of my all time favorites and always reminds me of Ella as a newborn. I would listen to that song over and over. Anyways, the winning mommy got a musical tv for her baby girl and the losing team got a really cool Justin Bieber mirror. It even had his signature on the back! Why in the world did Walgreens have it on clearance for 42 cents, it's like a collectors piece.

The next game was a baby word scramble. I saw this idea a lot on pinterest. I took words from a few different websites and created my own list to print off. Everyone was given 5 minutes to unscramble the words. There was only one person who got all 10 words unscrambled before time was up. The prize for this game was an egg toy. (get it, eggs go with the "scramble" game) I can sometimes go overboard with word play and a theme. 

The last two games focused on the soon to be daddies. I set up some relay races to help them in their soon to be duties:) 
The first one was a diaper changing race. I wish I had pictures of them doing this but my phone of course told me my memory was full when I tried to open my camera. (grrrr)
I put newborn diapers on two baby dolls and filled each one with a few milk duds and raisinets.
 Team girl's daddy did a great job but put the fresh diaper on backwards so team boy took the win. The winning dad walked away with the bag of leftover diapers and the losing dad walked away with the leftover "poop". 

The final game was pretty funny to watch. I had two Pack and Plays folded up and each dad had to put it together and take it back down. Those things are tricky if you don't know what you are doing. After lots of coaching from both wives they finally got it figured out and team boy took the win again. Both dads won a starbucks gift card, for the long nights ahead of them.
 I can't wait to meet the two new babies! 


jojo said...

Oh how fun you made that shower!! I love all the games and the details are incredible. So creative!!

The Savage's said...

Thankful to God that you are in our small group! Love you!

Misty said...

So much fun!! LT had to do the pack n play game when i was pregnant with masyn. He is still trying to figure it out ;)

ms.composure said...

oh that looks like so much fun!!!
looks like such a gr8 time! i am def a huge fan o the creative games you can play at baby showers


Frances said...

This fun-filled baby shower with games could go very well with invitations for baby showers which have a playful theme to it.

Unknown said...

Really your game idea is wonderful.You choose a a nice game for this baby shower.Thanks for sharing.
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Unknown said...

free girl games love this post

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