My first book signing!

Do you guys know Dana from Danamadeit.com? If you don't, you should totally check her out. She has got some great tutorials and always has something crafty or yummy up her sleeve. The cute Valentine heart breakers that Ella makes each year is from her. 
Anyways, she just so happens to live close by and was doing a book signing in Austin a couple weeks ago. My friend Carrie who lives in Austin told me about it and we both decided it was a must for us to go. Plus, I feel so cool and educated saying I went to a book signing. Makes me sound like I read books or something. It was at this super cute fabric store called the Stitch Lab.
The day of the book signing, I decided it would be fun (and extremely dorky) if I showed up wearing something I made from one of Dana's patterns. I decided to go with her Summer Skirt with Deep Pockets tutorial. I dropped the kids off at school and went straight to the fabric store. I was feeling very confident and had the whole vision in my head. The skirt was made with elastic thread which was a first for me. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but I really liked sewing with it. Everything was going along great. I had my two pieces shirred at the top and ready to sew together. 
I tried the skirt on to see where the pockets should go and my confidence went down the drain. It was pretty bulky and not the most flattering skirt. I tried cutting some fabric off and sewing it in but it just wasn't looking good. I decided to press on with the pockets and hope for the best. It just continued to get worse. It was very hard to line the pockets up straight. By this time it was time to pick the kids up. I tried it on for my very honest 4 year old and she was very quick to say no, no, no. I wasn't giving up. I decided to take one pocket off and see what that looked like. I then ran out of time and had to go in my store bought clothes. How boring. 
Don't worry. I stuck the skirt in my purse and sure did pull it out to show Dana. She was so sweet and only talked about the positive things about it. Which would be the color. 
Turns out my fabric was too thick and Dana's book is just what I needed! Her book is Fabric's A to Z. Everything you need to know about fabrics. 
Carrie and I bought some matching fabric that night in hopes to make something wearable.

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Francesca said...

Well... I have only one question... HOW-CAN-YOU-DO-IT??? You seem to be perfect!!! I really really want to be like you... Can you tell me your secret? Compliments!!! Francesca from Italy

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