Pot Pie Til I Die

Thats what my cousin lins posted when I put a pic of the chicken pot pie that I made on instagram, and I couldnt agree more.  
I have not always been a fan of pot pie- until this one.
It changed my life.  
I did have a big helper, which could have definitely swayed my decision to love it a little bit...
And she only cut herself once.  So, I would say it was a success.
A couple of weeks ago Aves started ballet.  She has tried a lot of extra curricular activities and has not had the best level of commitment so I was really hesitant to start something new.
(when we played soccer she cried every game just sitting on the side lines until the last game and parents came up to me telling me they thought it was amazing I didnt just quit!  hahahh! I just thought she should go if she signed up...right?? I dont know.  I was new at this older kid thing.  Then, she did gymnastics and loved her life.  It just happened to be the same time she started kindergarten and as she got more and more tired after school, her love for gymnastics began to wane.  Needless to say, when she was going to die if she didnt get to start "ballerina", I was hesitant.)
When sassy longingly watched aves the whole time I asked if she wanted to do it too and she said yes.
I went up and signed her up, payed for her and then I could tell she was getting nervous.
She would tell me that she didnt know her teachers name or anyone in her class- maybe when she was older.... I told her about all of her friends that did ballet or gymnastics and showed her videos of katelyn actually in ballet, but it didnt sway her. So, she may join when she is a little bit older.
Nana and papa came down to watch avery's first ballet and ate supper with us.
They also brought shrinky dinks and pot holder makers.  It was a blast.
We have also been having family game nights lately.
It's kind of a dream come true.
I used to play sorry with my family growin up and I just loved it.
Then we read that the tag line said "the game of sweet revenge!!!" and avery never wanted to do the "sorry" cards because she felt too bad!  hahhah! We love to teach our kids valuable lessons about how to get revenge on their siblings or their parents.
Life lessons over here.
There's also been some park playing, running and this weekend was a party weekend!  We party hopped all around texas and had the time of our lives...more on that to come!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

I just wonder if you have any idea how enjoyable your writing is - so refreshing and fun to read! Your children have electric smiles! Like Mama, like babies! :)

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