Macaroni Art

Now, I know you guys come here for my amazingly tricky and difficult tutorials as of lately.  I mean, who can even think to figure out polka dot pants and shirts.  I really am just so advanced in this crafting world and you guys are all so welcome for helping yall figure the hard stuff out.  
This is another one of my really difficult crafts and I really hope you guys can follow along.
You buy bow tie pasta, paint them with the help of your pre school age kids (I used acrylic paint or whatever I had at home) and glue it on a canvas.  All the while, all can you think about is Goldie Hawn in Overboard when she got the macaroni necklace from her "kids" and she puts in on right then.  Then its in the montage of scenes when she soaks them all with the hose and they all get poison ivy.   Lindsay and I used to say "I-I-I ate a bug!" to each other all the time.  Love that movie.
Ya, so this is like the cheesiest thing ever and everything I make is the equivalent of things a four year old can do, but at least I took pics of it all in multiple places :)
 canvas laying down
bow tie past canvas
canvas up2
canvas up in bens room
canvas in aves room
So, go out and pretend your goldie hawn after she sees her future life partner as that sweaty carpenter, and he sees her mole on her thigh and make something out of macaroni.  I mean, this isn't near as cool as her necklace, but you get the inspiration.  Then hot glue it on something.  Real classy like.


Cassie said...

Shut up. This is so cute!! I love the colors you chose...and I love the Sarah Jane prints. They go so well together!! Come decorate my kids rooms with pasta, please!

Lisa said...

This post is greatness, and so is Overboard! :)

Shannan Martin said...

I die for this. And you are always awesome. The end.

ps - I feel sort of dweeby for asking this - but did you paint the pasta?? What kinda paint?

kristen said...

Yes!! Why would I not have said paint! I am gonna change it right now. Yes. I painted it with just regular paint (acrylic I think) that I had at home. Yes. Totally painted and hot glued. I gotta fix that! Thanks for asking and visiting over here!!!

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