Let the fashion show begin!

Fashion shows are a very regular thing around our house. 
It starts off with Ella and McKenna putting on all kinds of crazy and creative outfits. I am never aloud to see this part. Ella will tell me to put some loud music on and close my eyes. She doesn't ever want me to get a sneak peak until she is ready to show me her outfit. Sometimes she will even put her bathrobe over just to make sure. Once they begin their walk down the hallway, I am told to open my eyes and the bouncing around and twirling begins. This usually turns into a fun family dance party and is then repeated with multiple outfit changes.
It has become one of my favorite family traditions and I love seeing how much fun the girls have with it.
I decided to spice up the fashion show with their very own curtain to walk through. It was super easy to make and has been a HUGE hit! 
I bought two curtain rods. One thick shower curtain rod and one skinny curtain rod. I bought two red panels of curtains for the main red part and bought 3 yards of the shiniest most sparkly fabric walmart had. I folded the fabric in half and sewed the top together so it could hang on the rod. 
It fits perfect in our hallway and the girls LOVE walking through it!
Sometimes I join in on the fun. Prom dress 1999 and all.
Or bridesmaid dress from Kristen's wedding. That is always Ella's pick for me.
I even bust out some crazy garage sale finds I have stored away. I'm always ready for a theme party of any decade. 
Even Bob joined in. That Christmas vest is sure to come back in style.
I'll let ya know when Ella comes out with her new fall fashion line:)


Misty said...

oh.my.word. you are the best mommy ever!!! I LOVE THIS! I am literally laughing right now! How much fun for your sweet girls! Bob sure knows how to rock a sweater vest! :) what great memories for your lil girls. and as pretty as you & your girls are, you could totally walk the run way! ps the 3 pic down of Ella strutting her stuff is PRICELESS!

Carrie said...

Aw I love this post. So much fun in that house!

BrookeD said...

This is Amazing Allison!!! I Love it!! I was cracking up!!! :)

Nina said...

Um yeah, I need to come to one of these! I totally think we are all going to be wearing Ella Booth designs one day :)

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