Best Week before School Ever

The week before everybody started school Julie and the girls came down for the weekend.  It was truly just like old times and I could not have had more fun.  I am so the sappy friend that cries when she leaves still.  Ugh.  I am such a leech.
We copied allisons incredible creative crime scenes and everyone just loved it. She is really the most creative person and just thinks of the most fun things.  I love copying everything she does.  I think Julie and I had as much fun as the kids did making them. Then we went to the zoo and the pool and talked everynight about nothing and everything.  The kids all slept together and pretty much had the time of their lives.  Now everywhere we go they ask if katelyn will be there.  Its just too much.  And then ashley and allison will call and all have playdates with julie and I just want to get in my car and join them.  What am I doing not living there??  I am so glad they all have each other and pretty much forced them all on each other.  Luckily they all love each other immediately.  I just have the best friends.
We filled the rest of the week with any fun we could find.
We went on walks (that ended in band aids), painted, colored, pooled, played with the neighbors, etc to all the fun things in summer.  Then the last weekend before school went to isla's house and slept over.
The kids just love her and love being at jennifers.  They sometimes pretend they are going to her house when they are home because they love it so much.  We drug them to the aquarium, swam in their pool and ran around together in the same car.  SO fun.
On sat night my parents invited us to the cowboy game with them and my brothers and we partied it up family style.  It was so much fun, until the end when I was scaring ben for fun and he fell down, cracked his head, and blood went everywhere.  Jeff was super dad (and super calm) and took him home where his dad and he stapled bens head back together and we called it a night.
Never a dull moment around here.
Now, hopefully we can catch up to whats happening this week...

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