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Things have been crazy over here with school starting, homework, getting lunches together, etc.  And we started ballet. And it is adorable.  And then sassy wanted to and then backed out in a matter of minutes (even though I paid and had to unpay in that amount of short time.  Why do I jump on things so fast on things that I know probably wont work out and wait ten years for things that do matter...passport renewal anyone...) I am not the most organized person (at all), so trying to stay organized and on top of things always swings me for a loop.  And then I feel like I have to simplify because I can only keep a certain number of things in my brain...Does everyone do that?  That makes me sound small brained.  I probably am.  And if I had access to the rest of my brain I would probably only use it to store something useless like movie lines or when my shows come on.  
I am so deep.
On with more pressing matters.

Love anything with sequinned shorts and dolly parton.

Cant wait for our party weekend!! We get to celebrate the cutest babies in the world back to back and I couldnt be more excited.

I want to eat this right now. for breakfast even.

Ashley's baby girl is home!!  (Im sure she doesn't care if I call her ashley even though I don't know her and mostly just cry and feel like I know her more with every post.  It is probably so weird how I have followed every move with her little girl but I am just so in awe of her and her sweet family and SO happy for them!!  I did the same thing with my friend Cassie.  I am a stalker.  Especially if you are adopting.  It just makes me teary and overflow with excitement.)

Cool music monday

love the painted baskets.

And happiest birthdays to my mom and brother michael.  Love you both so much and could not be more thankful for you both in my life!

More updates on ballet, sorry, labor day and chicken pot pie to come! Hope yall are in for a great weekend ahead!

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Misty said...

YOU READ ASHLEY'S BLOG!? :) I do to :) I went to high school with her :) I'm so happy for her sweet family!

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