Pumpkin carving and pinatas

Happy October! 
 I sent Bob to the store Saturday afternoon and he came home with pumpkins to carve! I love when he pulls a spontaneous craft on me. 
Ella helped me pull all the seeds out and McKenna enjoyed just watching. IMG_6219
Bob pulled out the power tools for his pumpkin carving but ended up realizing the pumpkin cutter was much easier to work with. I love the Go Big or Go Home attitude though:)
I roasted the pumpkins seeds with the same recipe I use for the yummy cajun crackers. They turned out really good! Just coat them in a little canola oil, sprinkle a dry ranch seasoning package, a little red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper. I put them in for 20 minutes at 300, stirring them around a few times in between. 
The girls and I made paper mache pumpkins months ago and finally finished painting and filling them today. 
We filled them with pounds of candy and then sealed them shut. 
For the stem I rolled up some magazine pages, covered it with masking tape and painted it brown.
We are going to smash them on Halloween to get all the candy out for our trick or treaters. The girls can't wait!


Misty said...

ah! I love the pinatas! I am definitely doing that with my girls soon- for masyn's 4th birthday she kept asking for a pinata so i took her to party city & I thought she would pick a character... nope... she a huge weird star looking thing, but then she didn't want to fill or smash it & its hanging in her room :)

jojo said...

This is a wonderful fall activity!! So creative and you are making wonderful memories for those precious girls.I love Bob's creative touch.

Camila said...

The power tools for pumpkin carving made me laugh out loud! Love the paper mache pumpkins!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

power tools, ha! sooo my husband! Y'all are the cutest!! Hey, I have a question! I'm gearing up for a birthday party in November, and think I might order some of the fun popcorn that you always serve! Would you let me know the place again, and some tried and true flavors you like? Thanks so much!! :)

Leslie said...

Great craft. I really like your blog! Fun stuff.

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