Happy Birthday Dad Fashion Show!

Bob turned the BIG 36 last week. Crazy. Just crazy.
He told the girls that all he wanted for his birthday was a fashion show. He knew how much they loved putting on a good fashion show so they were pretty excited.
I saw this fabulous do-it-yourself Marquee on Oh Happy Day a while ago. I remember there being an arrow and thought that could be cute for the fashion show. It was so fun to make and I love how it turned out. Go here for her tutorial, it is very easy to follow.
Here is the fashion show set up. Curtain, marquee, chalk board sign with a miss-spelled immediately, snacks and waters.
Bob's parents came in town for his birthday so the girls had quite the fan club during their show:)
The first "look" that the girls came out with was called the "Dr. Dad." They dressed just like dad does. Scrubs, cowboy boots and even a beard. Ella picked "Pumped Up Kicks" for the song, she said it was dad's favorite. They came out ready to check heart beats and give shots.
The beards were hilarious! I made them with this tutorial. They didn't stay on very well but they were so cute!
The final look of the fashion show was some Happy Birthday shirts that I made with my new heat press  machine! 
I played "Birthday" by the Beatles and the girls came out carrying presents. After delivering all the gifts to Bob they came back out with pom poms,
then glow necklaces,
and for the finale, silly string! 
It was such a fun night celebrating Bob! 
Happy Birthday Babe! Love you so so much.

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Misty said...

I think your girls need a Thunder Up shirt to go with those cute beards :) I am always amazed at the awesome lil shindigs you put together & how everything is so unique! I love this :)

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