The Giving Tree

The girls had fun creating their own Fall trees yesterday. I saw the idea on pinterest.
They collected lots of sticks and leaves from the backyard and then I hot glued the sticks onto a canvas. We laid all the leaves out on a tray, sprayed them with adhesive and covered them with gold glitter.
Ella carefully painted elmers glue on the spot she wanted to put each leaf. 
McKenna just covered the majority of her canvas with glue and then put some leaves on.  
I printed the saying "And the tree was happy." from the book The Giving Tree and glued that to each canvas.
They turned out pretty cute and are the perfect homemade touch to our very cheesy festive mantel.
The leaves have already shriveled up pretty good, maybe real leaves wasn't the way to go. If you go to the original idea here, she did lots of fun things for the leaves. (buttons, dyed sunflower seeds, glitter) 
Happy Fall everyone! 


Misty said...

so darling. I love watching AK paint & do crafts with Masyn. 2 girls are so fun :)

I have 2 questions I have been meaning to ask you~

The IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL pic on your mantel- did you make it or buy it? If so, where? My sister in law would LOVE that in her house! I have that written on a chalkboard right now & it makes me smile every time I see it.

Also, can you explain to me, because I am ridiculous, how to use the vinyl with the silhouette? I have vinyl... put it on the mat like paper & cut it, but when it comes to peeling it off & sticking it to something.... well, that is a big ole mess. I've seen the clear looking paper at hoblob- do I need that too? If so, what do I do with it? I know I'm probably making this harder than it is, but I have wasted SO much & can't get it right :/

Leslie said...

Can I please send my boys to art/craft camp at your house next summer?? A week please! :) You remember how crafty I am? Surely you will feel sorry for my boys! :)

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