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This is nothing exciting, just usually what happens in the morning when I am making their breakfast and before they put on their clothes for school.  A little bit of oswald (which I feel like is voiced by fred savage? Am I right?? I should google that.) or dora or something like that.  Aves is older but still totally up for cartoons and I love that about her.  I love our mornings getting ready and getting out the door.  It used to be a lot harder, when the twins were younger, and now it is so nice that we just all have to be up and at 'em.
We have been running around this week doing fun stuff, but most of it was just normal.  The zoo,
starbucks before school,
babysitting the cutest new baby, visiting mandi and sutton (and ryker), we made shirts for our friend whos husband had surgery this week and a day at sonic.  Nothing too exciting.
We played with animals a lot (per usual) and I did want to document that (boring for y'all) stuff, too.
This kid tells me he is moving to africa almost on a daily basis.  He creates different scenarios (and scenes that he has seen on documentaries, Earth, Wild Kratts and in books) throughout our house, yard and wherever else he can find to set them up.
Today was under a light socket.
ben and animals2
ben and his animals
I love his imagination.
While we were playing he told me we needed more animals to play with us. I told him we had some in the back yard that I had just brought in from the car and he could grab those.
He looked up at me so sweetly and said, "I was talking about African animals, mom".  (duh)
I love a kid who knows what he wants.


Alexis said...

Hahaha! That is awesome! Duh Mom!!! Your kids are precious! That picture of Sawyer with her milk is priceless!

Cassie, Alex, Dresden and Auden said...

You probably already googled it, but yes, it is totally Fred Savage! How weird is that? Especially when he sings those little songs out of nowhere, lol. Dresden and Ben would get along famously! He starts many sentences with, "Mama, when I was in Africa..." and then goes on to tell me things not even remotely related. That's just his default place! I think he gets a lot of his material from Wild Kratts as well, hehe!

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