Beavers Bend

The weekend before last we went camping with our neighbors and my cousin's family.  
It was hilarious.
The first night we got there around 10 and set up camp.  We let the kids stay up and make smores and they didnt go to bed until about midnight.  The adults stayed up until 1 or 2 talking and it was just a blast.
We woke up to the most beautiful views and the weather completely knew we were coming and gave it the best it had to offer.  We went to Beaver's Bend, OK and it was just the most beautiful place.
We all chipped in and brought coffee, more food than you can ever imagine, chairs, I had to make shirts of course (and I used glow in the dark screen printing paint for the stars and they really worked!!!), and toys.  The kids were in heaven. We kept the fire on the entire trip and I think that the smell of smoke became the only smell associated with us at all.
aves and mazz
sassy and brazos
We fished, relaxed, rode the train, made our smores, smoked sausages, hot dogs, ribs, shot bows and arrows, found bugs and swam in the coldest stream in the world.
On Saturday night, the kids went to bed early (due to complete and utter exhaustion) and then the adults started to really relax.
Around 10 Jeff's parents texted us to tell us that a tornado was heading our way and we may want to find cover.
So, in under an hour we packed up five families tents, coolers, chairs, kids, tents and everything else and headed to his parents lake house.
It was chaos.  People are running past each other throwing stuff in every car while trying to keep the kids asleep.
It was hilarious.
I think that there ended up being quarter size hail and 60mph winds.  I am so glad we were able to find somewhere to go and that his parents were watching out for us. They are amazing!
We slept in beds (as late as possible), cooked over a real stove, ate pancakes and hung out all day Sunday.
It was a blast.  Maybe not your typical camping excursion, but it was so much fun.
Needless to say, hopefully this will be a tradition.  Hilltop style.

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lfhcreative said...

Oh gosh! We went camping last weekend and it ended the same way! Except for we didn't know the strong winds were coming, so we woke up to complete chaos as our tent collapsed over us. It was a memory for sure. ;) I like the ending up in a lakehouse part with lots of friends, sounds divine!

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