Trunk or Treat

Our church had a Trunk or Treat tonight and each small group was in charge of decorating their own trunk. 
Our group did Candy Land as the theme. It was perfect since I had so much stuff left over from Ella's 1st Birthday Party. I love any occasion where I get to bust out those giant lollipops again.
I bought a 9x12 canvas drop cloth for 21 dollars at Home Depot and turned it into a life size Candy Land board game.
 I first laid out brown grocery sacks as my template and traced the pathway with chalk. I then went over the chalk lines with white paint and then began painting away...
We used cardboard to make the candy striped awning,
photo copy 4
added the word START to Bob's fashion show arrow,
photo 2
painted a Candy Land sign on foam board,
photo 1
and made everyone matching candy land shirts using an iron on transfer sheet. I just pulled the image from google and added the trunk or treat part.
We did a Candy Walk game for all the kids and it seemed to be a hit! Everyone lined up at the starting point. Once the music started, everyone walked the walkway. Whatever color you were standing on when the music stopped is the color bucket you picked your candy from.
photo copy 3
photo copy 5
We had each bucket represent a different character from Candy Land.
photo copy 2photo copy 6photo copy 3photo copyphoto copy 7photo
It was such a fun night and the kids had a blast!
photophoto copy 2
photo copy 8
My camera battery died the second everything started so thank you so much sweet friends for sending me some pics!
Happy Trunk or Treat!


jojo said...

You have so many wonderful talents but turning a party into over the top fun is one of your best!! I love it!

Misty said...

you are thebomb dot com!!! My jaw is on the floor :) THAT is the BEST trunk for trunk or treating ever. Our church had ours last night & I wish I would have done a trunk.

The Savage's said...

SUCH an awesome trunk! We had a blast!

the tichenor family said...

Seriously?! The cutest Trunk or Treat that I ever did see. You're the best ever.

Lifethrualinds said...

You are amazing. This turned out perfect! Love it!

Nina said...

I just love you and this. Someone needs to have an adult candy land party!

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