Winning Weekend

First off, I want to say thank you to my amazing cousin lins for the most thoughtful halloween package that she sent us last week-
How cute is that?! And the crochet book was so super cute and so thoughtful.  We just loved it, Lindsey.  Thank you for thinking of us and knowing exactly what we would love!
And are y'all on pins and needles watching Al perfect the cookies??? I just want to be there so I can try every batch!
Then, this weekend was amazing.
We got to go to the world series with my family and it was really so incredible.
(minus ben who was too overwhelmed to pose).
We got all decked out in our Rangers colors and pretty much just couldn't believe that we were there.
My gorgeous parents.
Jeff with my brother Michael who used to say all of the Rangers line up, when he was four, with the voice of the announcers and everything- "Ju-li-O Fr-an-c-O!"
Dirk threw out the first pitch.
It was pretty neat having him there cheering on the Rangers.  He couldn't stop smiling and he did the claw and was just so excited.
It was definitely one of my favorite parts.
Then the real partying started.
This kid flagged down the cotton candy guy before we had even eaten anything.
They loved it.
That was followed by a hamburger, corn dog, three hot dogs, fries, two pretzels, drinks,
and ice cream in a hat...
(who doesn't love ice cream in a helmet?!)
We get a little carried away when it comes to food. Especially at a ballpark.  Or the fair.
I may have been responsible for a lot of that eating...
Then ben got naked and sassy became the paparazzi.
Avery loved it.
She watched every minute of it, sang every song and clapped every clap.  She wore her pin the whole time and wanted to listen to the game in the car when we left.
Big fan.
Then it all went down hill and we had to leave early because we could not stand the heartbreak any longer.
 (And it was 10.)
My mom and I took the kids home and we were definitely sad to go.
The next day we celebrated Jeff's 31 birthday!!
With the world's biggest boston cream pie ever made!
My parents got him a gun and I set him up a hog hunt with Jennifer's husband so it was a hunt themed birthday.  Pretty sure he couldn't stop smiling from the new gun.
Hopefully he will kill a lot of unwanted hogs?
Then, on our way home we stopped at chipotle to eat and the kids wanted to sit on the stools.
We told them that they could only have water to drink and Sass hurled her body in defiance of that, flung herself off of the stool and landed head first on the concrete.
We were pretty terrified and went to hospital but then Jeff called our friend who is an ER attending, did a mini exam and decided we could go on home.
Such a scare, but if you are reading this, please pray that everything is ok and that she is not bleeding internally or anything...
Just breaks my heart and makes me worry.  But, Jeff is pretty thorough so I figure if he says she is gonna be ok, she will.  We have definitely been to the ER a few times in our day...
And on our way home the Rangers WON!!
Way to go Rangers.  Let's do this.
Hope you guys had a great weekend and let me just say thanks Texas for pulling out a Cowboy and Ranger win today!!


Leslie said...

That's so awesome you went and took your entire family!!! You look GORGEOUS in those pictures. Seriously!!! Go Rangers!!

Leslie said...

I commented before I read the entire post. So sorry about Sass!!! Hope and pray she is ok. She seems like such a tough kid!!

Jessica Jeffrey said...

Kristen, y'all had the best weekend ever! Praying for that little bump to go away so fast!

lins said...

i can't believe yall had to go to the er yesterday!!! oh my goodness, sass... well all the pics are so cute, i'm sorry you ended the fun weekend in worry! love yall- thanks for the halloween shoutout! xoxo

Lauren said...

poor sassafrass!! that looks so painful that my heart litterally dropped to my stomach when i saw that picture! praying for her for sure!!!! and btw...you're hair color is gorgeous!

Priscilla said...

Prayers for Sass that her little noggin is okay!!

the tichenor family said...

praying for sweet sassy!! your kids are too cute even when they are getting naked at ballparks and hurling themselves off of stools. your stories always make me laugh!

AND you little mama look so beautiful! loving your long hair.

Miranda said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! So sorry to hear about Sassy... But love the post-bump pic. She looks very proud, ha ha. Kinda sounds like a toddler I know :)

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