Knit Dress

I finally finished the first knitted project (that wasn't a scarf). 
knitted dress 2
  I saw this on the lion brand website and its pretty obvious that I don't really understand what "check your gage" means...
Ok.  It was supposed to be for a six month old.
And now it is perfect for a small, fat child. Not quite an infant.
It is the absolute weirdest size.
But its finished.
I added the ruffles on the sleeves and the crochet edging.
Then I made aves try it on,
aves in sweater 1
aves on scooter 6
and its more of a shirt for her.
sass and aves 1
I wish sass would try it on but I am pretty sure that would kill her.
Picnik collage
You can even be active in it :)
I know its weird.
Maybe I could bring it in on the sides?
And its kind of heavy.  and bulky.
oh gosh.  Learning more as I type this.
And yesterday they both got a new purse and busted out their modeling skills.
Picnik collage
aves and sass 1
aves and sass 4
So, moral of the story, I really need to work on how I measure things when I am knitting.
Or "check my gage".
Ill go google it.


Lisa said...

OMG - love this because I ALWAYS end up making things waaaay huge on the first go because I also don't check the gage. I just make it and then find someone to fit it on, haha! :)

Hayley and Aaron said...

Kristen- MS has a new line of knitting yarn, patterns, and a knitting loom at Michaels...I was checking it out today and trying to read the directions to see if I could do it...the whole "check you gauge" as well as pretty much everything else really threw me off. It's a whole 'nother language!! I think I'm a lost cause to knitting...but I enjoy seeing you navigate the waters!!

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