Build a Bear is back in town

Build a Bear had a sale last week and we got excited.  The kids really thought that they had won the lottery.  They could not believe that they got to get an animal, put a heart in it, give it a bath and get it clothes to wear.  Loved every minute.
Ben and Sass got weeny dogs (is that how you spells weeny?? It feels like it should have an i- I don't know) in honor of Ryder, my brother and sister in law's dog and they took them everywhere.  Aves got Hello Kitty.  
Hello Kitty turned into repunzel and Ben's weeny turned into a hot dog.  Sassy's was a fairy or something like that.
Then they got to take them and play on the rides that cost money but I never have any money so they have to pretend that they are riding them...
Picnik collage
All of this with Julie and Katelyn.
It was a dream day.
That was a totally boring post and I completely apologize and wish I even had more than iPhone pics to at least distract from the boredom.  Sorry guys, more excitement to come, asap... I am sure of it.


Cassie, Alex, Dresden and Auden said...

Hahaha, the part about how you never have any money for the rides, we TOTALLY do that too! Dresden is always the only little kid sitting there with his car or rocket ship not moving, looking at the other kids' cars all blinking and bouncing away. Hilarious! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! Who carries loose change these days?!?!

the tichenor family said...

well, you are the mom of the month. carson would be beside himself with a spontaneous trip to build a bear. i am signing up for their emails right now so we can go next time they have a sale. and i am right there with you-- the mom who never has cash or change for rides or games. my poor kids! :)

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