White Elephant, Christmas Sweater, Minute to Win it Party

How's that for a party combo?!
Our small group had a holiday party last Sunday and it was so fun!
Suni brought some great holiday themed minute to win it games.
For the first game you put a necklace around your neck that had a red pom pom ball attached to it. You covered your nose in vaseline and then tried to get the ball to stick to your nose. First one to get the ball to stick for 3 seconds won.
The boys won that one.
Suni took the win for the gingerbread man game. You place the cookie on your forehead and the first one to get it in your mouth using no hands won.
Then there were little boxes full of different amount of jingle bells. You had to shake them and figure out which box held how many bells. 
The last game was hilarious and it was Bob and I that went up against each other. We had a kleenex box attached around our waist and it was filled with jingle bells. Whoever could get the jingle bells out first won.
I honestly thought I had this one in the bag. Until the timer started. I soon realized the way I would have to shake my body to get the bells out would be quite embarrassing. My embarrassment didn't last for more than 2 seconds though because he hit the floor, next thing I know, shawty bob got low, low, low, low, low, low, low...
Love him.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! 

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Nina said...

hahaha I love you and Bob so much, he is getting down girl!

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