Ice Cream Party!

Ella's ice cream party was so fun! We had beautiful weather, a house full of friends and family, the cutest ice cream man I've ever seen, a very happy 4 year old, and enough ice cream and popsicles to last us till next summer! 
I didn't make the shirts for this party, I ordered them from cafe press.
I lined the sidewalk with ice cream cone balloons. I saw this idea here and thought it was so cute. You tape the end of the balloon to a bamboo stick and then push that through the paper cone. Then you just push the bamboo stick in the ground
I cut out circles from card stock and sewed them together for the garland. I wanted them to kinda look like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream scoops.
The food table shouldn't surprise you. It was all the exact same things I had for McKenna's party, just different colors. The table cloth is a fitted bed sheet that I found at Goodwill. Don't worry, I washed it in hot water before serving food from it:)
 How AMAZING is this cake?! Holy cow! The girls at Legacy Cakes blew me away! It taste as good as it looks too.
I made cones out of card stock for everyone to put their popcorn in
 and I made water bottle labels using my silhouette.
I ordered some ice cream crafts from oriental trading company. The kids could make foam ice cream magnets or decorate an ice cream cone shooter. The striped fabric is from IKEA. 
Oh the Ice Cream truck! It was so much fun to make and the kids loved it!
The ice cream cups that I ordered came in this cute little card board ice cream truck. That was my inspiration and I pretty much just copied that one. Go here for pics of how it was built. 
The headlights and grill are made from brown craft paper and white wrapping paper. I just cut them out and then took silver paint to add the details. I laminated each piece with packing tape to McKenna proof them:)
I cut these letters out with my silhouette.
I printed this sign off and glued it to a piece of foam board.
I made the other side of it look like a side view mirror by gluing foil onto it.
The tray was a piece of foam board that I just folded over the opening and hot glued onto the truck. White duck tape was my best friend for making all my edges look clean.
I printed off all different ice cream options the kids could have and glued them onto a piece of wrapping paper that I painted blue. I also covered this with packing tape.
I drew an ice cream onto white wrapping paper and painted it pink. I used my silhouette to cut out the lettering and brown craft paper for the cone.
The tires are just black plastic bowls that I hot glued onto the truck. I covered the middle with white paper.
and there you have it! Ella's very own ice cream truck!
I had lots of pretend ice cream toys for the kids to play with in it. Bob set up some speakers behind the ice cream truck and about 30 minutes into the party we started playing the ice cream truck song and had all the kids line up to order their ice cream. Bob was the best ice cream man! The kids could pick from anything on the ice cream menu and most of them weren't afraid to come back for thirds. 
Ella even help out too.
I ordered the cute wooden ice cream spoons from this esty store.
Once the kids had ice cream in their bowls, they headed over the the toppings table.
I had a jar full of cherries for a guessing game. The magic number was 43 and my cousin Christi won with 42 as her guess.
Somehow we managed to add cake on top of everything and then play on the bounce slide for hours!
 Picnik collage
Picnik collage
For the party favors I ordered these cute ice cream bowls from oriental trading company and filled this with some popcorn.
Thank you to everyone that came and helped make this party happen! 


Matt and Meg said...

That is the cutest birthday party I have ever seen! I love love love it! You are a wonderful mom to do all of that for your beautiful daughter! =)

Carrie said...

We had so much fun! Molly is still talking about it. :)

That picture of Kinley holding the baby in the lounge chair is hilarious! Such a little mom.

Allison said...

Allison you are such a fun mom and so creative. What a party that was! I know your girls will have the best memories as they grow.

allyo said...

You are simply AMAZING. I always love reading about your birthday parties!

Mindy Rives said...

Unreal. Your best party yet! How much to rent the ice cream truck?!

Kim said...

You AMAZE me! I'm so sad we missed it! Love, love, love it!!

Misty said...

Nothing less than totally AMAZING. I am always so happy to read your blog and especially happy to read a party post :) your ice cream truck was fab! :)

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

Amazing! Seriously, you should rent that thing!

Katie Norwood said...

I was shaking my head reading this and saying out loud, "Is she SERIOUS?? Yes, she is serious." WOW, WOW, WOW. Between this and the bee party... you are amazing.

the tichenor family said...


Your parties are phenomenal and filled with so much love. I admire you in so many ways! Your girls are extra blessed.

Camila said...

Allison you are a party goddess!! Seriously! Just when I think it can't get any better. Ella is a lucky girl to have you as a mamma!

Jamy said...

Hey! I just found you from Pinterest. And BOY am I glad I did! This is awesome! I am going to be BEGGING my kids to have an ice cream party this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beth said...

so cute! i LOVE the cones for the popcorn! i had an ice cream party for my ella last year too!!

April said...

This is adorable! I love the ice cream truck and the popcorn!

Matt Voges said...

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Anonymous said...

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