Last week catch up

Ya'll have got to run over and see lindsay's puppy party! It was such a blast and she did such a great job putting everything together-all while looking like a hot model in her red lipstick!! We got to see al and ella and kenna and bob, as well as so many friends and just loved it.
 I made these shirts yesterday before and they aren't my best, maybe a little off on color combo, but they fit the bill for the cutest puppy party ever!
More on that mullet-
last week while I was running Sassy decided to cut her own hair.  I am obviously not opposed to change or trying to do it yourself with hair, but I think she went a little far back with the scissors while trying for bangs and landed herself a party in the front and business in the back kind of look.
So, I took her where I took aves when she was twirling her hair and pulling it out.
Real fancy place- great clips or something like that.  Sassy would not relax at all so her shoulders were up the entire time.
Needless to say, it is not the most even cut, but its better than her own devices.
And she got a sucker.  Love it.
Avery was the type that was sad she had to cut it and was sad when it ended up shorter than we had wanted, but kind of knew it was over and she was stuck with it, so she never complains.  I prayed over her before she went to school because I was so nervous it was too short and some kids might make fun of her and got so sad that I had made her do it. I was a mess.  Everytime I tried to talk to her about it she would just shrug it off and change the subject (which kind of broke my heart more!).  Sassy, on the other hand, is telling everyone she got her hair cut and that she loves it and telling me its so soft, or, she is laying down on the ground (in the middle of the parking lot while cars are driving by swerving around us) saying she wants it long and doesn't like it and cant function like this anymore.  Drama.  I guess you've got to have one that is holding her emotions in so that the other one can bring the fun...
We also got isla a little doll chair at an antique store and painted it for her.  They couldn't wait for her to have it.
We also found a little doll bed and dresser for kinley that I didn't get all the way finished with the drawer pulls, but they loved making it for her too.
How cute is that little mirror?? and it had barbie clothes still in it!
Then Aves had a dance program at her school that was literally the best thing I have ever seen.  It was like a mini broadway!  It was new york themed and they had mini songs from broadway shows, NY songs, firemen and policemen outfits and songs as well as a newsies song.  Newsies is my absolute favorite movie and I just was beside myself when it came on.  Sassy and I could not stop smiling at the cute little kids in their homemade outfits trying to keep the beat and singing! ahhh! Avery's class theme was the Macy's Thanksgiving parade and her "float" was mickey mouse so she sang the M-I-C-K-E-Y song with her mouse ears and was so cute.  Just love an elementary school program!
Hope y'all had a great last week too!
More to come on our fun weekend with my cousins too...


fromhousetohome said...

Oh Kristen, you just make me laugh when I read your posts! You are so funny and I love your writing style! I love it most that you are part of our family! Blessings to you precious one!

Misty said...

cutest shirts ever for a puppy party! and I LOVE Sassy's skirt! Will you share where you bought it? Love the sweet furniture you made :) what precious thoughtful gifts.

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