deja vu

This was my garage two years ago 
and this is my garage today.
It takes me back to party prepping for Ella's Tiny Two party. The weather has been much nicer this go around. I remember in Lubbock, I would have to paint with the garage closed because the wind was so crazy it was blowing dust all over my boxes. Yesterday was so beautiful. I painted in the sunshine while Ella watched movies in her robe and sunglasses. What a diva!
Thank you to my amazing husband, his pick up truck, and the wonderful workers at Lowes for all the refrigerator boxes. 
Ella's birthday is coming up and she has requested an ice cream party. My vision is to turn these boxes into an ice cream truck. I only have them primed right now but I can't wait to get started on them! I will keep you guys updated. 
This is kinda what I'm going for.
For the invites I used the picture that Brittany took for our moving announcements and just changed the wording. I ordered them from Tiny Prints. They have so many wonderful birthday invites.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Josh, Erica, Garrett, and Haylee said...

Has it already been a year since the dance party?!? WOW!!! All I can say is you are INSANE and I LOVE IT!!! You are so creative. I love reading about your ideas!! Where do you come up with these?!? I just copy everything you do!! My son (who's turning 6 in June) wants a US President's party....can't find anyone to copy that from....any ideas????

Misty said...

oh. my!! I can't wait to see her ice cream party!! HOW FUN!!:) Her invites couldn't be any cuter. She reminds me of Sharpay from HSM in her lil robe & sunglasses... I also have a mini sharpay running around at my house. I just love girly girls.

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